Board and batten siding is a popular choice for brick houses, as this type of siding adds warmth, character, and elegance to any home with modern or traditional appeal. It can also provide visual interest and dimension to a flat exterior, as the contrast between the brick and vertical boards creates attractive lines. Board and batten can also create the illusion of a taller home, which is useful for single-story houses. 

Let’s look at seven different examples of brick houses that use board and batten siding to inspire your exterior renovation project. 

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1. Modern Mountain Brick House With Board and Batten Siding

This contemporary brick house seamlessly blends modern and traditional architecture. On the first floor, gray Bavarian Castle stone bricks provide a strong foundation. The whiteboard and batten siding add clean lines and dimension to the second story. 

Touches like the black shingle roof, stone accents, and dark window shades give this home a dramatic curb appeal. Overall, this is a great example of what you can do with stone, wood siding, and modern styling. 

2. Gray Midwestern Brick House With Gray Board and Batten Siding

Brick houses are popular across the Midwest, and this stunning home shows why. On the first floor, river rock bricks in earthy gray and brown hues provide an organic, grounded feel.

The light gray board and batten siding on the second floor add subtle contrast and increased dimension. Additional touches, like the Dutch gabled gray shingle roof, are a nod to more traditional styles. 

The two-tone color scheme can easily be enhanced with personal touches like potted plants, shutters, and a colorful front door. This home is a great example of how regional brick construction can be combined with customized details for maximum appeal and function. 

3. Brown Brick Midwestern House With Gray Board and Batten Accents

This charming brick home uses traditional details and echoes of popular Midwestern architecture to create a welcoming facade. The weathered stone bricks on the first floor offer an organic texture, while gray board and batten siding on the gables provide contrast. 

The siding draws the eye upward, highlighting the height of the home. Finally, details such as white columns, window frames, and trim refine the rugged brickwork. This design easily fits into rural farmland or classic suburban neighborhoods, and the cozy design makes this a welcoming home exterior.

4. Traditional Brick House With Pearl Gray Board and Batten Siding

This home makes a fantastic impression with its blend of exterior styles. The traditional brick creates a classic look and the black roof shingles also reflect home heritage construction. 

Light pearl gray board and batten siding on the home’s upper half provide modern and elevated touches, while the white trim around the windows, doors, eaves, and entry columns provides refinement. The two-tone effect creates an eye-catching and chic curb appeal.

5. Shades of Brown Gambrel Roof Brick House With Board and Batten Siding

This stately brick home makes a dramatic statement with its extra large gambrel roofline. 

The chocolate brown shingle roofing brings out the warm red brick facade undertones.

The light brown board and batten siding also enhance this design. The colors and the use of siding on the second floor create a strong and contrasted look. Squared columns, stone accents, a large covered entryway, and abundant windows create a warm and welcoming exterior. 

6. Khaki Brown House With Pink-Red Board and Batten Siding

Sometimes a pop of color transforms a home’s exterior design. This home is a great example of how to effectively use two types of siding effectively. The traditional khaki brown siding gives the home a stately look, while the bright pink-red board and batten siding provide a strong pop of color. 

The stone brick accents along the front entrance and lower half of the garage also enhance the curb appeal of this home. This siding color combination could be a great option for your next exterior design project.

7. Chestnut Brown Tudor House

This European-inspired Tudor home is an example of great detail work. The mix of siding materials used gives an exciting twist to a traditional Tudor style. The dominant chestnut brown brick façade pairs well with the dark gray board and batten siding inserts under the front gables. The cultured stone accents also add an intriguing texture contrast to the brickwork.

So, Does Board and Batten Siding Pair Well With Brick Houses?

Board and batten is a great pairing for brick homes in modern or traditional styles. This siding option is a great way to preserve traditional masonry construction while adding a contemporary flair. Light-colored battens beautifully contrast red brick walls and add dimension. You can also choose more neutral or bold color pairing options. 

The versatility of board and batten siding makes it a great choice for many types of neighborhoods. When choosing your siding materials and colors, consider your home’s aesthetics.

FAQs About Brick Houses With Board and Batten Siding

What are the main design benefits of board and batten siding on brick homes?

Board and batten siding adds visual contrast, dimension, and detail to brick facades. It also provides curb appeal and perceived height increases. The wide variety of color options available also makes this siding a good choice for a variety of color schemes.

How much does board and batten siding installation cost?

The cost range for board and batten siding is between $2.50 and $12 a square foot. Prices vary by regional differences, wall height, and accessibility, but also by the type of material used to create the board and batten. This siding type can be made of wood, fiber cement, vinyl, or other siding types.

Is board and batten siding high-maintenance?

Properly installed, sealed quality battens require minimal maintenance. I recommend cleaning your siding periodically with gentle soap and water. The exact type of maintenance your siding will require depends on the type of material used.

What style homes suit board and batten accents?

Board and batten siding suits traditional, Victorian, cottage, or craftsman homes. It’s a great way to showcase the home’s carpentry while preserving heritage charm. However, board and batten can also be a great addition to modern and minimalist homes.

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