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A homeowner had a pleasant surprise when she found fiber cement siding or Hardie Board hiding under vinyl. What she needs to do now to make the Hardie board look good as new.

And we’ve all seen that black dust that builds up on door hinges. What household item you can use to quickly erase it.

Plus, Joe has a simple solution to create an antique look on new clay pots.

Listener Questions

Cleaning Black Dust Off of Door Hinges

Kim from Missouri asks, “We put up new hinges and over a period of time, there is this black dust like stuff on the doors where the hinges are. Any good way to clean that off? I have tried wiping it and it smears.”

danny lipford and joe truini

The Correct Way to Install Attic Insulation
Genie from Florida asks, “We live in Florida. Since we use air conditioning instead of heat, does the attic insulation still go paper toward the ceiling? I was told by a company that makes the stuff to put it paper up because it should be paper towards heat. Please help me with the correct answer because I have to do this myself and cannot afford to make a mistake.

Surprise Hardie Board Shingles
Bill from Oregon asks, “My deck is peeling very badly. I have scraped as much as I can. I bought paint remover but haven’t used it yet. Based on your experience can I put it on and brush it and then power spray the remover off.”

Surprise Hardie Board Shingles
Sally from Alabama asks, “Do you have instructions on installing Hardie board shingles? We are planning to treat the Hardie board and paint and then hang cedar shakes on the front.”

The Pond Creating Process
Bea from Alabama asks, “How do I go about building a pool for a 4-tier fountain. I want the pool/pond to be about 12 ft wide X 2 ft High. I know I’m asking a lot just don’t really know where to start. I’ll help is greatly appreciated.”

Simple Solutions

Instant Antique Flowerpots
Instantly age new clay pots by applying an antique glaze.

Protect Wood Lawn Furniture
Extend the life of wooden lawn chairs and tables by sealing the ends of the legs with epoxy glue.

Best New Products

All Purpose In-Ground Garden Soil
This is the time of year when we’re all busy planting in our gardens. Anything you can do to make that more efficient and successful makes sense, right? Instead of buying garden soil, amendments like compost, and fertilizer for planting, try this Miracle-Gro Performance Organics All Purpose In-Ground Soil.

Painting “Pros” Shenanigans

The Today’s Homeowner team showing off their paintings during the last shenanigans event.

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