Your roof shingle color should cohesively blend with your home’s exterior siding color, as it not only boosts its value and curb appeal but also affects your house’s overall aesthetic. This is why ensuring your roofing shingle color matches your exterior siding is important.

    While looking for the right shingle color for your house, you might’ve come across two of the most popular shingle colors from CertainTeed®—Moire black and Charcoal black.

    This comprehensive guide provides practical and demonstrated tips for choosing the right roofing shingle color to accentuate the beauty of your house. It includes relevant information to help you decide which color suits your needs and preferences.

    Similarities and Differences

    Both Moire black and Charcoal black are popular roofing shingle colors in shades of black from the company CertainTeed®.

    CertainTeed® is a manufacturer of exterior and interior building products and architectural solutions for new construction and home remodeling applications. The company offers residential and commercial roofing, siding, decking, railing, sheathing, fence, trim, solar, insulation, drywall, gypsum, and ceilings. 

    Both Moire black and Charcoal black are available under the CertainTeed® roofing shingle series named Landmark®. They are part of the black color palette of the said shingle series.

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    It’s important to note that since these two shades of black, Moire black and Charcoal black, are from the roofing shingle series of Landmark®, most aspects of both products are the same. But there will also be some differences in terms of the shade of color they represent and most compatible with.

    Moire Black Vs. Charcoal Black: Durability Comparison

    All Landmark® roofing shingle products feature QuadraBond™ technology with advanced layering that provides exceptional and reliable strength and durability, firmly securing each shingle layer together. In addition, it protects the shingle layers and roofs against delamination, especially when harsh weather conditions and elements impact the shingles. 

    Moreover, all of their Landmark® roofing shingles use CertainTeed CertaSeal™ technology that features top-quality adhesive made from a blend of polymers and asphalts that seals each shingle layer on the roof. This provides wind uplift protection, safeguarding the roof against shingle blow-off, wind uplift, and moisture infiltration. This technology is also designed to be flexible to adapt to temperature fluctuations, structural shifts, and weather changes.

    Overall, both Landmark® Moire black and Charcoal black under the Landmark® shingle series offer exceptional durability and strength.

    Moire Black Vs. Charcoal Black: Algae Resistance Comparison

    All Landmark® roofing shingle products feature the StreakFighter® technology. It uses natural copper-infused granules on each shingle with anti-algae properties that resist black streaks due to algae formation. This technology prevents algae from forming and taking hold of the roofing shingles.

    In addition, the algae-resistant copper granules also help maintain the roof’s color, beauty, and curb appeal, while providing ease of cleaning and maintenance.

    Overall, both the colors Moire Black and Charcoal Black have great algae resistance properties because they are both under the Landmark® shingle series.

    Moire Black Vs. Charcoal Black: Installation Comparison

    In terms of the ease of installation, both Moire black and Charcoal black are the same because the roofing shingle they are available in, which is the Landmark® shingle series, offers an excellent and easy installation process.

    It features NailTrak® technology that provides a nailing area three times wider than typical roofing shingle products to ensure each roofing shingle is installed correctly. It also uses high visible and defined lines that allow contractors to see the roofing shingle target at any time. This technology enables an accurate, efficient, and easy installation process even for extreme steep-slope applications.

    Moire Black Vs. Charcoal Black: Cost Comparison

    Regarding cost, both Moire black and Charcoal black are similar since these two roofing shingle colors are under one shingle series only, Landmark®.

    In general, Landmark® roofing shingle products cost around $3 to $5 per square foot, and the price ranges from $80 to $200 per 100 square feet installed.

    It’s also important to consider the other costs, including installation materials, which typically range from $10 to $30. There are also professional labor fees for contractors, costing around $1200 to $300 per square foot.

    Overall, the total installation of Landmark® roofing shingles ranges from $8,000 to $12,000.

    Moire Black Vs. Charcoal Black: Warranty Comparison

    Both Moire black and Charcoal black offer great warranty coverage since these two are from the same shingle series Landmark®.

    It provides a lifetime warranty coverage of about 50 years but becomes prorated after the start of years 11 or 16. It’s also only available to individual property owners.

    Each roofing shingle is also under SureStart™ protection, providing non-prorated protection on all shingle products. It allows replacement or repair without charge on any defective shingle products during the SureStart™ period. In addition, its coverage applies in the first 10 Years.

    The Algae Resistant Warranty Period applies to 15 years, ensuring coverage on algae-related defects and damages. Moreover, the warranty is transferable by the original consumer or owner to the first subsequent property owner.

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    Moire Black Vs. Charcoal Black: Final Showdown

    Both Moire black and Charcoal black are shades of black from the color palette of the roofing shingle series Landmark®. These shades contain surface granules that provide a more vibrant depth of color for each roofing shingle.

    Both colors also offer a dramatic and sophisticated appearance with dimension to the roof since they are both in shades of black. In addition, both Moire black and Charcoal black provide a long-lasting curb appeal to the house.

    The difference between the two is that Moire black has a lighter tone variation and is more uniform in look than Charcoal black. On the other hand, Charcoal black is the darkest color of the roofing shingles available in the Landmark® series. If you observe real close, you will also notice that it has a slight variation in shades.

    Each exterior house siding has a roofing shingle color that works well with it.

    If your house has light-colored or warm neutral color siding, such as white, beige, and light gray, Moire black suits you best since it will allow the roof to pop and be the focal point without drawing all the attention to itself. It also makes your house brighter and softer in appearance. In addition, Colonial-style and red brick homes also work well with Moire black since it creates a more classic and clean look.

    For a darker shade, Charcoal black, neutral exterior sidings like beige, gray, and white pair beautifully with this type of black roofing shingle color. It also works well with brighter colors like red, green, or blue, adding a pop of color to the house siding. In addition, contemporary and brick houses also work best with Charcoal black since it highlights the prominent architectural features and windows and provides a crisp and clean appearance with darker tones.

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