School Is Almost Back Already?

I know all the kids are asking that very question; and I am, too. It makes me nostalgic for my youth, and I long for the summer days that seemed to last forever. I just can’t believe summer is almost over.

Having recently moved to Roswell, Georgia, I have been adjusting to all the good and happy changes that are occurring. My daughter is heading off to college in a few weeks and two major projects are getting ready to launch at the family construction firm. I guess I feel “all grown up” now.

Empty nesting after having my daughter to myself all these years is tough. I feel the pulls on my heart, the strings are stretched taut . . . will she be OK? Have I done everything I could to prepare her for the big world out there? Am I ready for her to be in the big, wide world?

Over the weekend, Steve and I went down to the lake by the house just as the sun was setting. He knew I was a bit melancholy and thought we should take our cameras to “see what we could see.” Here is what I captured.

Sunset over lake with red sky

Looking at it once I had it uploaded to my computer, I realized something…my dad always said, “even as the sun sets, it also rises to a new day . . . a new beginning. How true.


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