Do you want to reinvent your house’s exterior design? Try putting black trims on your house to make it look more modern. To help you out, here are 27 exterior house designs with black trims for producing a stunning visual.

1. Earth Tones with Black Trims

If you live in a woodsy environment, why not go with earth tones? It will greatly complement the surrounding trees and scenery.

Black trims matched with earthy tones and rocky features make a great combo. The light colors of the rocks and gray make it modern yet feel tranquil and welcoming.

2. Black Trims with White and Brown

Brown is always emphasized when paired with pristine white color and a cool all-black accent wall. The basic yet clean contrasting colors go beautifully with a rich brown color to provide a delightful sense of classic charm.

But to top it off, you have the sleek black trims that make any modern house stand out. 

3. Black Trims in Contemporary Style

Modern is out, and contemporary is in! This design is less limiting and incorporates a variety of styles.

You can make your contemporary home sleeker and more defined by adding black trims. Not only can it clean the asymmetry and large abundant windows, but it can bring the whole design together.

4. Black Trims on a Concrete House

Dreaming of an energy-efficient and earthquake-resistant house? Why not have a home made out of concrete. They can create healthier environments since they have fewer airborne allergens, molds, and pollutants and have cleaner indoor air.

You can make your concrete home more inviting with big windows and crisp black trims everywhere.

5. Black Trims with the Front Door in Black

Putting a splash of black is all you need to make a grand yet subtle statement. You can do this by adding black trims and painting the front door black with a gray-brown combo.

The black main entrance contrasts with the surrounding earth-toned walls and contributes to the structure’s charm and aesthetic.

6. Black Trims in a Modern Rectangular House

The modern rectangular shape boasts a complete glass wall that lets anyone see breathtaking views outside, any time and any season. You’ll welcome sunlight and a cool breeze with this open area concept.

Its windows are adorned with black trims, making it pop out of the simple white paint. The two is a modern take on a timeless color combination.

7. Black Trims in a Modern Farmhouse

If you want a simple way of living or just want a simpler house, this is for you. A modern-style farmhouse is perfect for those who enjoy a more traditional lifestyle.

Its classic black and white color scheme brings simplicity to every corner. The house is more clean and sharp, using black trims on the windows and every edge.

8. Black Trims on a Modern Malibu-Style House

Thinking of a breezy vibe to your home? Try this sunset palette that incorporates beach colors like coral, white, and beige. You’ll also have a tinge of blue with an infinite pool facing the sunset.

To top it off, you’ll be welcomed by the sun through beautiful wall-length, floor-to-ceiling glass walls. They’re lined with black trims to make it cleaner, sharper, and picture-perfect.

9. Black Trims with a Blue and White Palette

Blue and white are a fresh color combination that conveys a sensation of cleanliness. When put in a house, it accentuates the welcoming vibe. Especially with a light blue color on top, it feels like an extension of the sky. Paired with black trims, these colors will be accentuated more.

10. Black Trims on a Bungalow House

If you want to go even simpler, you might find this design just your style. Bungalow houses offer more privacy and are very low maintenance.

Equipped with the all-time favorite white, you surely will not have a problem. The black trims, shutters, door, and drain pipes make it more stunning, making a powerful color combination.

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11. Black Trims on a Tudor-Like House

Want something more country and screams Old English? A white and gray Tudor-inspired house is perfect for you and your family.

With its multi-story divisions and elaborate masonry chimneys, it feels like you’re sent back in time. What’s more intriguing is its black trims accentuate every detail and even the colors.

12. Black Trims on Single-Detached

A quaint little two-story single-detached house surely makes you release a sigh of happiness. It not only has everything you need like a chimney, but it’s very cozy and perfect for small families.

But when it’s painted white with black trims, windows, and doors, it stands out from the rest. The right balance of black color makes it simple yet modern.

13. Black Trims on Gothic-Esque House

Here’s a modern take on a Gothic-style house. You’ll love the pointed arch used for windows, doorways, porches, dormers, roof gables, and even garage doors.

The light taupe color and black trims make it more striking and elegant. Don’t forget the brick facade leading up to the little porch and accents around the house.

14. Black Trims on Duplex

It’s sometimes daunting when you’re tasked to pick a color for a longhouse like this. But choosing a trio like black, dark brown, and gray makes it an easy task.

These neutral colors create a nice color scheme that goes beyond a duplex. Again, the black trims make the other colors stand out while making the edges crisp.

15. Black Trims with Orange Bricks

Few colors look as well together as black and orange. It’s a vibrant and eye-catching color scheme that exudes modern elegance.

Orange is full of inventiveness and excitement, whereas black is serious and sensible. What’s more beautiful is the fiery-like orange bricks lined with black trims that make a classic Detroit house.

16. Black Trims on Firehouse Brick

If you’re a fan of firehouses, you’ll love this fire red and black trims combo.

Combining the sophistication of black and the traditional red brick makes a house stand out, and its presence is known. The black trims highlight finer details like the garage door, big windows, and a welcoming porch.

17. Black Trims with a Diagonal Pattern

Diagonal lines make a bold statement that can’t be ignored, making even the most traditional homes look and feel modern. Every pair of eyes that walks by will be drawn to your home.

Coupled with crisp black trims, it’s edgier, sleeker, and more sophisticated. And the light tones of the paint with the black doors make it a piece of art.

18. Black Trims with Cream and Dark Tan Combo

Another earth tone combo in this list is this house with a cream and dark tan color palette. The cream paint is very reflective and can protect your home from the harsh rays of the sun. At the same time, the tan color gives it a neutral look, perfect for any occasion or holiday.

Bringing them all together is the black garage, front doors, and black trims of the windows.

19. Black Trims on French Country-Style House

Do you want a home that embodies the charm of the French countryside? Take a look at this one for inspiration.

The featured home has a simple facade of earthy bricks with a traditional hip roof and black trims. With its closed windows, the whole design offers a touch of simplicity and whimsy. Every element makes the house très Magnifique!

20. Black Trims on the House with a Porch

A lighter color such as gray and brown complements your motif the best. The trims of your house, as well as any railings or siding from your porch, will be all covered in black.

And together with a lighter gray pathway and steps, it will create a nice color combination.

21. Black Trims with a Transom Window

Transom windows give a very welcoming aura to your house. Even with gray brick walls and black trims, your house wouldn’t scare off visitors.

These windows create fullness by filling in the additional space between a window or door and a high ceiling. They also let in more light, which improves the appearance of tight halls.

22. Two-Story House with Black Trims

If you’re a big family or have a few dogs, this house design is perfect. A two-story house has more storage and gives you plenty of room to grow.

These colors are perfect for families that want a more modern look in their homes. The black trims, black doors, and black windows are simply perfect. A wood panel and brick combo make it a sophisticated look to finish the whole look.

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23. Black Trims on a Victorian-Gothic Mix Home

Gothic styles have a strong vertical focal point. On the other hand, a Victorian style has decorative and intricate trim. This house fuses the two styles to make a perfect Victorian-Gothic house. 

The black trims on the windows and other places also help elevate the house. At the same time, the light taupe bricks make the house more seen and prominent. 

24. Black Trims and Wood Panels

When black meets brown, both colors are neutrals that complement each other effectively. As for the wood panels, they serve a practical rather than an aesthetic purpose back then.

It puts an extra layer of insulation to warm-up rooms. Although it still makes your house warmer, it creates a country and traditional look to your home.

25. Black Trims with Accent Garage Door

There’s something about painting the outside of your entire first-floor black. It brings more focus to the upper floor, roof, and sky, making it look very elegant.

The black trims also help the whole house maintain an edgy and modern aesthetic. Its garage and front door painted black help make it seamless.

26. Black Trims and Gray Panels

Another great way to use the black and gray combination is to use black bricks. Black bricks have a bold and modern appearance. They’re used to generate diversity and contrast, making a powerful and impactful statement. Black trims also help bring sleekness and fine edges effortlessly to your house.

27. Black on Black Trims

Feeling a bit gothic but don’t want the pointed arches? Why not paint your house all black and make it more contemporary.

Black painted facades, and black trims emphasize the clean lines of a contemporary dwelling. The angles get sharper, and the architectural features become more obvious. It’s simple yet stylish.

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