National Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect time to celebrate the rich cultures and contributions of Latin Americans. An excellent way to kick off this celebration is to design your interior spaces with inspiration from the best Latinx home decor gurus. These gurus have earned their places in the home decor industry with stylish designs, unique insights, and genius use of interior spaces. We have no doubt they’ll provide the inspiration you need to curate your very own dream home.

10 Latinx Interior Design Gurus to Follow This Hispanic Heritage Month

Ju Depaula

Ju DePaula, the founder of the Blooming Home Society and Blueberry Living Co., is a Brazilian interior designer with over 15 years of experience making homes bright, functional, and unique. DePaula believes that every homeowner’s surroundings affect how they feel in their everyday space. She uses this belief to help people create spaces that bring them joy and mirror their inner personalities.

Learn more about DePaula’s work and gain inspiration from her online design classes, one-on-one sessions, and her feature in BBC’s Interior Design Masters. You can view her free color workshops here.

brightly decorated room by Ju DePaula

Stephanie Watkins

Entrepreneur and blogger Stephanie Watkins founded Casa Watkins Living as a creative space to thrive and share her designs. Since the brand’s establishment, it has grown into an online design studio, decor blog, DIY project guide, and much more.

Watkin’s style is a mixture of eclectic global inspirations combined with touches of a modern farmhouse aesthetic. She refers to her design style as “global boho” or “glo-bo.” Check out the Casa Watkins Living website and Instagram page for some incredible Latinx design inspo.

kitchen design by Stephanie Watkins

Monica Benavidez

Monica Benavidez is a Latina interior decorator striving to help “others feel empowered to make their homes and spaces more beautiful.” Benavidez operates her own home decor blog, Monica Wants It, where she discusses products and trends she aims to incorporate into her interior design. If you like traditional home design with modern accents, bold color palettes, and floral patterns, Benavidez is the design guru for you.

Follow Benavidez’s Instagram account for daily design inspirations and decor ideas from the guru herself.

lovely dining room decor inspiration by Monica Benavidez

Maricarmen Valero

Maricarmen “Maca” Valero is a content creator and interior curator popular for her fresh, minimalist designs and all-natural skincare brand. Valero’s home designs include simple, earthy features with natural touches and pops of orange, red, and rich browns.

If you enjoy thrift shopping and antique hunting, Valero is the design inspiration to follow. She creates many of her home decorations out of recycled materials, giving old items a new life while saving money on pricey decorations. Check out this guru’s YouTube channel for DIY guides, decoration tips, and home makeover videos.

fall-inspired place settings designed by Maricarmen Valero

Ezz Wilson

Ezz Wilson is a holistic interior designer seeking to create private sanctuaries that help homeowners escape the stressors of daily life. Wilson’s background in holistic nutrition and health studies inspires her to design interior spaces that nurture the dweller’s well-being. Wilson’s designs through her brand ilovecreatives include herbal, earthy hues with geometric shapes and woven textiles. Her work includes a lot of wood textures and white accents, creating a space perfect for mindfulness and relaxation.

Find aesthetic inspiration for your home on Wilson’s Instagram page or her ilovecreatives website.

wicker chairs with seashell-shaped cushions in an interior design by Ezz Wilson

César Giraldo

César Giraldo is a Colombian-born, Los Angeles-based interior decorator specializing in high-end home design. Giraldo’s interior designs combine luxe modern aesthetics with simple elegance, aiming to match and enhance his clients’ unique essences. When it comes to his goal as Founder and Creative Director of César Giraldo Design, this guru channels the “juxtaposition of old meets new that inspires unique, timeless interiors.”

Visit Giraldo’s Instagram to see how he transforms spaces into unique, paradise-like havens that meet the design needs of different clients. You’ll undoubtedly find inspiration in his trendy, modern designs and vibrant accent pieces.

chic black granite kitchen island and modern light, designed by Cesar Giraldo

Mary Marrero

Mary Marrero is a Puerto Rican home decor artist specializing in fresh, modern aesthetics and DIY designs. Through her brand Casa Chic Designs, Marrero creates clean, curated spaces with touches of rustic and coastal inspiration. We especially like Marrero’s nursery and children’s room designs, which feature wicker furniture, whimsical wall decor, and soft textiles that are both comforting and stylish.

Check out the Casa Chic Pinterest board for endless design inspirations for your own home.

interior design by Mary Marrero for her son’s bedroom

Erick Garcia

Erick Garcia is a Mexican interior designer and founder of the Maison Trouvaille home decor brand. Garcia works from his Los Angeles studio to “create picture-perfect settings that respect yet enhance a client’s personal style and taste.” Garcia’s inspiration comes from his Latino culture, passion for art, and many worldwide travels.

While exploring Garcia’s countless projects, you’ll find simple, minimalist designs with natural touches like greenery, textiles, and handmade pottery. The Maison Trouvaille brand’s most recent “NOMAD” collection celebrates different cultures while channeling a wandering, nomadic spirit.

Erick Garcia’s dining table area design with wood textures and various wall prints

Abigail Marcelo

Abigail Marcelo is a Latina entrepreneur and the founder of Casa Marcelo, a New York City-based interior design firm. Marcelo’s designs glean inspiration from historical architecture, global cultures, and the comfort of family. She uses these influences to create spaces with curated wall prints, clean lines, vibrant colors, and personalized decor.

Marcelo uses her experiences as a busy mother, wife, and startup founder to create peaceful, intentional spaces her clients will love. In this way, she produces each client’s dream home without comprising a space’s functionality and aesthetic potential.

An Abigail Marcelo office space design with lots of white, black, and gold accents

Ferando and Humberto Campana

Brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana founded Estudio Campana in 1984 to create unique furniture designs rooted in the rich Brazilian tradition. Since its launch nearly 39 years ago, the studio has gained global recognition and acknowledgment as a “pioneer of disruptive design.”

Estudio Campana’s interior designs contain features influenced by vibrant Latino culture, focusing heavily on unique handmade pieces, bold color schemes, and natural textures. Today, the studio continues its trek into the disruptive design space with eye-catching, intriguing art exhibits. Follow the Campana brothers’ Instagram page to explore their artistic visions and daily interior inspirations.

An artistic sitting room design by the Campana brothers, featuring bold colors and abstract art

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some of the best Latinx interior designers in the game, you’re ready to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month in style. With these inspirations in mind, you’ll undoubtedly create personalized, unique designs for your own space. Remember to follow these figures on social media to keep up with their projects and avoid missing amazing daily design inspo.

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