Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

Boarding up windows with plywood before a hurricane.

The severity of the 2005 hurricane season made homeowners realize the value of preparing early for severe storms. Here are a few suggestions for protecting your existing home or for taking extra precautions if you are building or remodeling your home.

Use Weather Resistant Materials

If you are building or remodeling, that’s the time to make sure your home is storm-ready by utilizing all the weather-resistant building materials that are now available: hurricane strapping, clips, corner bracing, tie-down systems, and, of course, impact-resistant doors and windows. These materials will provide you with better protection during the next extreme weather situation.

Observe Roof Guidelines

When having your new roof installed or old roof replaced, make sure the installer is adhering to the shingle manufacturer’s warranty guidelines for installation. Proper nailing will help your roof make it through severe weather better than anything else.

Trim Limbs

Don’t wait until the last minute to trim tree limbs that are touching or almost touching your home. High winds can turn these innocent limbs into a sledgehammer creating damage to your roof, siding and windows, especially if they are not impact-resistant units.

Check Drainage Systems

Your home’s ability to drain properly through your roof, gutters, yard, driveway and sidewalks, will be severely tested during heavy rains that occur during severe storms or, even worse, hurricanes. Check now that all shingles, flashing and gutters are clean and working properly. Also check the areas around your home to ensure the flowerbeds and yard surfaces are draining all water away from your foundation.

Find the Right Contractor

Be sure to select the best contractor for your job. A great place to start is by calling your local National Association of Home Builders to get a list of recommended contractors.

Check out our Hurricane Help page for more information.

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