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    Rug Residue on Concrete Floors

    Jenn’s home in Alabama has scored concrete floors. Over the years the backing from area rugs has left residue on the floors and Jenn has tried everything to remove it. She wants to know how to get rid of it without doing too much damage to the finish on the concrete surface. 

    There are lots of DIY solutions out there, but Henry makes a one specially designed for this kind of situation. It’s called Easy Release Adhesive Remover*. It’s a concentrated product so you can dilute it as much or as little as needed. You simply pour it onto the adhesive and wait for it to dissolve. After rinsing, a new finish can be applied after one hour. 

    Weatherization Tip

    One of the keys to maintaining comfort during cold weather is finding ways to remain comfortable without raising the thermostat. One of the easiest ways to do that is by making your floor less chilly…put a rug on it!

    If you have cold, hard floors, add accent and area rugs throughout your home to keep your feet warmer and more comfortable. Beside the advantage of being more comfortable, you may find that you can turn down that thermostat and actually see some savings on your utility bill

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    Black paint splatter on a white plastic lawn chair
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    Paint Splatter Problem

    Bob has some plastic patio furniture on his deck that has been splattered by paint. The paint came from his upstairs neighbors, so he isn’t sure if the paint is latex or oil. He wants to know how to remove the paint without damaging the plastic furniture. 

    Likely the paint is latex so removing it is pretty simple. Begin by soaking a rag in rubbing alcohol and rub the paint until it is saturated. Alcohol is a great solvent for latex paint. Then use a plastic putty knife to gently scrape away the paint.  

    Pex Fittings Causing Leaks

    Shawn’s home has a basement that was finished about 13 years ago. The plumbing that was installed was completed with Pex fittings and crimp rings. Over time the brass crimp rings have started to corrode and he’s starting to get drips in the ceiling. So, Shawn is looking for some knowledge about how to resolve the issue. 

    The first thing to know is that leaks like this never get better, they only get worse. Unfortunately, the weak link in some Pex system can be the fittings. Shawn will need a pro plumber to address this situation, but it may be possible to replace the brass crimp rings in the current system with stainless steel fittings and resolve the problem.  

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    Simple Solutions

    Fresh real Christmas tree retail store display
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    Keep Christmas Tree Fresh Longer—Here’s how to keep a live Christmas tree fresh throughout the holidays. As soon as you get the tree home, saw 2 to 3 inches off the end of the trunk. Next, drill 3/8-in.-dia. hole deep into center of the trunk. Then immediately place the tree in water. This tip works well for any live tree, regardless of whether you buy a precut tree or cut one fresh at a tree farm. 

    Joe Truini with homemade pullout kitchen trash can.

    Control Trashcan OdorsTry these simple solutions to help control kitchen trashcan odors. First, line the bottom of the trashcan with one or two newspaper sections. Then, each time you put a new plastic trash bag into the trashcan, place more newspaper into the bag, then tape a scented dryer sheet to the inside of the bag, near the top of the can.

    The newspaper in the bag will absorb smelling liquids, and the newspaper in the bottom of the can will do the same, should the bag get punctured. And the scented dryer sheet will make the entire trashcan smell fresh for up to two weeks.

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