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When Jud and Susanne Gardner built their house, there was room for their family of four kids, but when they decided to become foster parents, the living space became too crowded.

To make better use of the existing space without adding an addition, the room used for a home office was converted into a bedroom for the three boys.

A wall was then built the length of the room to turn part of it into a closet for the bedroom and a pantry for the kitchen.

Framing up the new interior wall.
Framing up the new interior wall.

Interior Wall Construction

The first step in constructing the interior wall to divide the bedroom was removing the moldings where the new wall would be located. The wall was then built 4½’ out from one end of the room. A door for the pantry was cut into the hall and a door for the closet in the bedroom.

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Man applying joint compound to drywall.
Finishing drywall.

After the wiring for the electrical outlets and lights had been roughed in, the drywall was hung and finished using a quick setting joint compound.

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Special light switches were installed on the hinges of the door units for both the closet and pantry to turn the lights on and off whenever the pantry or closet doors are opened or closed.

The next step was installing the crown, baseboard, and quarter round moldings for the new wall. The nail holes in the molding were filled with spackling and the joints caulked. After any drywall dust had been removed, the new wall and trim were painted.

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Using a pneumatic nailer to attach crown molding.
Danny Lipford installing crown molding.

Closet and Pantry Storage

The shelves and drawers for the closets were made using laminate materials from ClosetMaid. Wire shelving was installed in the pantry.

After the wire shelving had been installed, the pantry was stocked with all the supplies needed to feed the Gardners’ large family.

New stocked pantry with wire shelving.
New stocked pantry with wire shelving.

Finished Project

What was a home office has now been converted into a bedroom, complete with bunk beds, for the Gardners’ boys, with plenty of room to sleep and play. The new doors and trim we installed match the millwork in the rest of the house.

Converting the office into a bedroom, complete with a new closet space, increased the value of the Gardners’ house. The added pantry storage space would be welcome in any home.

Bunk beds in bedroom.
Bunk beds in new bedroom for Gardner boys.

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