Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of April 29, 2017

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This week my co-host was Joe Truini, host of our Simple Solutions segment on the Today’s Homeowner TV show.

For our Straight from the Pros segment, we welcomed landscape artist Steve Griggs of Steve Griggs Design, Inc. Steve is considered one of the NYC area’s top landscape design experts. He answered a question from Jerry in Nebraska: “Creeping Charlie is taking over my yard. How do I get rid of it?” You can hear our pro’s advice in hour 1 of the show.

A few weeks ago we talked with a caller named Jeff about radon mitigation. The radon level in his home prior to mitigation was 9.8. The state health department recommends less than 4. He reported that after installing a mitigation system for $1,100, the radon level was 0.7. He sent in the photo below.

Radon mitigation system
Radon mitigation system

Other questions we tackled this week:

Susan in LA
There’s this new roofing material that they put on flat roofs. It’s a liquid rubber application. I wanted to get your opinion on this.

Jack in NJ
We stripped an old bed that of shellac. My wife wants to paint it white with a lacquer paint. What kind of primer should we use?

Casey in AL
I have a hot water line that’s leaking in my slab. I had a plumber out and he says we should cap it and re-route the piping through the attic. My father in law things we should try breaking up the foundation to see if we can find the leak close to a wall so we can fix it on the cheap. I’m torn. What do you suggest?

Robbie in OH
I have several cracked ceramic tiles and I don’t have any extra, nor have I been able to find any that matches. Is there any way to fix the broken tile?

Kenny in AL
I am thinking about making my back porch longer and wider than what’s there now, which is in poor shape. I was wondering since it’ll be off the ground from about 6 inches near the exterior wall to about 2-3 ft or so to the outside edge. My yard has a good slope away from the house but wondered if I should put thick plastic down under the whole deck area so nothing grows underneath.

Jerry in CA
My wife and I just purchased our first home and we now realize rain gutters weren’t installed. During rainy season or heavy dew mornings we tend to get wet going in and out of the back door. My question is how would you recommend installing rain gutters on a 2 story home? What rain gutters would you recommend as well?

Irvin in AL
I have a house that was built in the early to mid-60s. It’s built up on piers approximately 24″ above the ground. It’s brick with vents around three sides. It has a musky smell and wondering what we can do to get rid of the smell.

Renee in AL
My home was built in the late 1800s. I already have some blown in insulation in the attic, but it has been there for about 30 years. I want to add some more myself. What do you suggest?

Sam in FL
I have aluminum roof on my porch. I would like to hang a swag light. What would be the best way to do this without damaging the roof?

John in NY
I would like to know how much top soil I need to top dress about 3,000 square feet. How do I calculate how much I need to do a good job?

Susan in AL
We would like to know if we can just change the glass in our patio french doors, or if it would be cheaper to replace the whole door.


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