Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of June 18, 2016

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We’ve passed the halfway mark in June, and the weather isn’t the only thing that’s heating up. Our show this week was RED HOT with information!

We have a whole host of stations across the country that carry our show this week, including our friends at WCTC AM 1450 in New Brunswick, NJ and KCLV AM 1240 in Clovis, NM. Thanks for being a part of the Today’s Homeowner family of stations!

Throughout the show, we shared some simple and inexpensive ways to help maintain your home during the summer season. It’s all part of our 4 Seasons of Home Ownership, and the Summer session has its own Top 10 “Must Do’s” that should take you approximately 12 hours to complete, costing around $220. Our list also includes things you can do If Time and Budget Allow, and also A Little Something Extra. You can download this convenient checklist right now HERE.

One of the items on the top 10 is to clean all outdoor furniture. A really fun cleaning tool to have on hand (pardon the pun) is the Quickly Clean Glove from Hyde. Hyde also makes a really useful water wand called the PivotPro. Both are definitely worth having to make cleaning chores go by faster!

We had a mini product showcase this week as we talked about some of the products out there that Danny & I are particularly fond of. For a fast and easy type of gutter guard, you just can’t beat Gutterbrush. Kevin Quinn of Eureka Springs, AR was a recent winner of 60’ of Gutterbrush, but our own producer extraordinaire, Dennis Gould purchased some for his own home and definitely gives it the thumbs up!

Our radio show producer, Dennis Gould, with the GutterBrush.
Our radio show producer, Dennis Gould, with the GutterBrush.

If you have an interior door that just won’t stay open, then I’ve got just the thing for you. This is a relatively new product called The Door Balancer. I received one to test out, and I gotta tell you, this thing is pretty doggone cool. Not only does it do what it says it will do, but it only took me less than a minute to install. And, unless you knew what to look for, you’d never even know it was there. Here’s the one I put on the room to our radio booth. I would definitely recommend you look them up.

The Door Balancer keeping our radio booth door open.
The Door Balancer keeping our radio booth door open.

A quality sealer isn’t always easy to find. Some are just weak, watered-down solutions that barely hold up for an entire year. If you have any tile or natural stone surfaces to seal, then Danny says the go-to product is Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold from our friends at Custom Building Products. No kidding, it’s one of the very best on the market and will maximize protection against all types of stains without doing any damage to the surface you apply it to.


Finally, when it comes to sealing an asphalt driveway, Danny can show you exactly how to do it. But, contrary to popular belief, don’t paint it on…use a squeegee instead! Here’s a video from Today’s Homeowner when Danny recently repaired and sealed a driveway using a fantastic sealer from Latex-ite.

Need a homemade weed killer recipe? Here’s one we shared today that’s easy, inexpensive and gets the job done. Just be aware that any plant you spray it on will die.

Mix together the following: one gallon of white vinegar, two cups of Epson salt and ¼ cup of Dawn dish detergent. Works like a charm!

Of course, we also tackled a lot of your phone calls and emails. Following is a full list of the questions we answered on this week’s show:

Hour 1

Beverly in NC
We have a real dilemma. We have a deck with about three layers of old paint. What’s the best method to remove this paint?

Anthony in OH
I saw a segment where you repaired cement stairs that were crumbled at the corners. You showed the after, but not how they were repaired. Is there special cement that was used? Are forms built?

Kathy in NC
We are putting in our cabinets and want a solid surface counter, because I love the sink and drain board that can be put in them; but after long debate on color, now the guy at Lowe’s said it’s not good around the stove to use at a back splash from stovetop to ceiling. Can you tell me, is this safe for normal cooking? He said the back splash may melt. We are ready to order and I really have my heart set on it, but if it’s not safe, we will consider granite.

Cheryl in FL
You showed how to make a weed killer solution of vinegar and a drop of Dawn detergent, but I missed the first ingredient. Can You Help Me?

Dan in NC
What was the product you recommended to prevent spider webs in the garage?

Bruce in LA
I have a white 8 foot x 12 foot metal storage building that is rusting badly. What can I do to correct this condition prior to repainting?

Amir in AL
Can you tell me what product I need to resurface my driveway? Also, where do I find a grout pump to raise the low spot in my drive?

Hour 2

Adam in AL
I have parquet floors that about 8 of the tiles, 5 fingers each, are missing. Long story short I thought I’d be replacing the whole floor so I didn’t keep them when they came loose. Now I’m ready to sell the house and don’t won’t to replace the whole floor. Any idea where I can find a small amount of parquet floor, or a way to repair it?

Connie in IN
When I paint and use the blue painter’s tape, no matter how hard I press it on, it still comes off. Why?

Dockery in NY
I have asbestos tile siding. Can I put vinyl siding over it? The contractor says I have to have it plus the wood underneath removed.

Ernie in FL
I have a problem with a Florida room. The roof is flat with black rolled roofing and it gets so hot in the summer. What can I put on the roof to reflect the heat?

Janet in TX
How can I clean the stone around my kitchen stove? It has black spots and just looks dirty!

Tyran in AL
We have a constant problem with moisture under the house, but can’t tell where it’s coming from. No plumbing leaks or anything. It has become a real problem in the area. My neighbor has the same issue and his floor has buckled!

Roosevelt in AL
What kind of fertilizer can I use to make my St. Augustine grow? It’s not doing very well.


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