How to Repair and Seal an Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveways can develop cracks and deteriorate over time. To keep your driveway in good shape, it’s important to clean, repair, and seal it every few years.

It’s best to work on an asphalt driveway during warm weather so the repair material and sealer will set faster. Be sure to fill all cracks and holes to keep rainwater from penetrating through the asphalt.

To repair and seal an asphalt driveway:

  • Edge the driveway and remove any grass or dirt.
  • Make sure it’s draining properly so rainwater doesn’t pool on the driveway.
  • Clean the surface and any cracks with pressure washer.
  • Use stiff broom to remove any remaining dirt or debris.
  • Allow surface to dry.
  • Use a cold set asphalt repair patch material to fill any large cracks or holes and tamp it down.
  • Fill small cracks with asphalt crack repair material in a caulking tube or bottle applicator.
  • Apply a thin coat of paste patch material to pitted surfaces and allow it to set.
  • Apply an oil spot primer to oil stains so the sealer will adhere properly.
  • Allow the patching material to set.
  • Use drill attachment to stir sealer thoroughly.
  • Apply the sealer, starting from the high end of the driveway, and spread it out smooth with a squeegee.
  • Allow sealer to dry (5-6 hours), then apply a second coat if needed.

Allow 24-48 hours drying time before driving on driveway.

The asphalt repair products used in this video, were made by Latex·ite.


  1. My driveway has a big spot that has broken away and also a large pot hole in the middle of the asphalt the driveway is on a steep incline or decline it is also in the mountains of tn can this type of repair be used also on this type of problem? Thank you, Richard

  2. My driveway has both large and small cracks. I had person come fill the cracks and seal coated. In the big cracks which 1″ to 2″ he put stones mixed with ashalt and filled the cracks with which is not even with the driveway. Is this right or not? What you said is the what should have been done. I have a meeting with person to show the mistakes. I would like an answer ASAP of my question above before my meeting. So I tell him he done wrong. The driveway looks like a child did the patchwork. He did not fill the small cracks and some of the large cracks are not completely filled. He also seal coated the driveway must thin seal I could not where he sealed. Plus did not stake off the driveway so no one could drive on it. There was some grass growing in some of the cracks.

  3. This website always has the best information when I am in need. After this winter, there have been some cracks that have developed in my driveway. This was very helpful, and it will even help me get rid of some of the oil stains on the asphalt. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi, Bonnie,

      Each project is different, so without knowing the details about yours, we recommend visiting your local The Home Depot, explaining your project’s specifications and unique needs, and asking for tailored advice.

      Good luck on your project!

  4. A cement subcontractor splattered cement specs on top of our sealcoated asphalt driveway while building a house next door to us. We’re thinking about filing a claim on the GC’s bond, but what’s the fix for the driveway. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, James,
      Thanks for writing to Today’s Homeowner.
      Would you like this question to be considered for the “Today’s Homeowner Radio Show?”
      If so, we can connect you with the show’s producer.
      Please let us know!

  5. I employed a roofer to seal a flat roof, it is made of concrete with chippings in, so quite rough. He scrapped off all loose bits and covered it with Bitumen. After 2 weeks I noticed (from my bedroom window) yellow patches forming, after 6 weeks the 13.5ft x 13.5ft flat roof is now mostly covered in yellow patches. Please advise what is causing this and how do I remedy it.
    Regards Debbie

    • Hi, Debbie!
      The yellow patches you describe sound quite unusual and would require a personal consultation.
      We recommend getting a professional out there asap to check it out and diagnose it.
      Good luck!

  6. on your video to repair and seal the driveway, on line 10 it says to allow the patching material to set. how long before you can seal it?

    • Hi, Tom,
      That would depend on the patching material.
      We recommend checking the package’s directions, as they vary.
      Good luck with your project!

  7. My driveway is quite a damage due to changed in weather and the years it was installed. Maybe it’s the best time to re-construct it. It has cracked all over the places. It should be done in a few days before the winter.


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