Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of August 6, 2016

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You know that really fun party that you didn’t get to attend, and you found out later you missed all the fun? If you missed this week’s show, then that describes where you are right now. But, luckily, you can click on the links above and listen! We had a ton of fun this week and an equal amount of great information.

We actually had a special guest in the booth with us this week. Daughter of our esteemed Social Media Manager Mike Dumas, here’s Emma!

Allen Lyle and Emma in radio booth

One conversation was dealing with hanging a chandelier that weighed about 20 pounds. Perhaps you’re just hanging a mirror or a piece of treasured artwork. No matter what it is, here’s a breakdown of what fasteners you can use to hang anything on anything.

Summertime means your air conditioner is likely working overtime to keep you cool. It also means plenty of condensation is flowing through the PVC condensation drain line. Make sure to keep it flowing properly by pouring about a cup of bleach into the line a couple of times during the course of the summer. But, if your drain line is clogged, here’s a great way to remove all that gunk in less than 10 seconds!

If you missed it, Danny says we’re going to be cleaning out the prop closet and giving away stuff to our listeners! Need proof? I got it right here:

Our pro this week was Bird Control Expert, Fran Prisco. She had some fantastic advice for keeping woodpeckers away from your cedar siding.


Be sure to listen to the advice she shared, which included an automatic drop-down-from-the-eave spider that I intend to use for some more…um…spirited fun in the office! By the way, you can find the spider and other useful bird deterrents at

hanging spider

And, here’s a full list of the questions we tackled on this week’s show:

Hour 1

Karen in AL
I noticed mold around my a/c vents in the ceiling. The A/C man said that my duct work probably has a space around the duct and drywall allowing warm attic air to mix with the cold A/C air and cause the condensation. He told me the cheapest way to fix it is caulking the space. I can’t caulk if it’s damp and I don’t want to wait until winter to do this. Can I use expandable foam in a damp area?

Belinda in AL
I saw on your show years ago about something to install in your duct work to eliminate dust in your house.

Wanda in TX
I watched your wooden chair seat repair video and would like to know which wood glue you suggest and where could I purchase that particular clamp?

Bettie in CA
I’d like to know how to patch a hole in a metal door in our gazebo, plus how to remove rust from the door.

Pam in TN
What are the best slides to install in kitchen drawers?

Kim in VA
Can you tell me the safest way to hang a 20-pound chandelier from a drywall ceiling? The joists aren’t where I want to hang the fixture.

Hour 2

Martin in CA
I was hoping to get some help picking out colors and changing the kitchen around. We watched the episode where the home owner added brick to the floor to keep the older style but still keep it looking really nice and upgraded. We have some Cabinets that are a dark brown wood finish and would like to change it around a bit for the wife.

Melba in LA
My A/C overflow drain is working fine, but the tray continues to fill up with water. If the main drain is plugged, how do I clean it out?

Danny in AL
How much can you thin water base paint before it affects the color of the paint?

Judy in MI
I am looking at painting pre-painted/ rusted poles in a Cattle barn. I went to 2 different stores that sell paint and I got 2 different answers. One store told me that I could prime with gray oil enamel and then paint with white and the gray wouldn’t show through. The other store told me I needed to paint with white oil enamel and then paint with white paint because the gray would show through. I am very confused could you give me some insight with this?

Bernie in NY
Does woodpecker repellent additive to stain work? If not, what do you recommend?

Deb in CA
How can I tell when green lumber is dry enough to stain or paint? The lumber will be used for a deck.

Carol in NY
My gutter seems to back up in a heavy downfall which results in water entering my garage. Do you think a wider downspout would solve the problem?

Marge in OH
How can I fill a gap below a chain link fence between my property and the house on the other street? Their property drops 8-12″ from mine and the dogs try to get under the fence and we also get never ending squirrels and bunnies visiting our yard.


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