Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for May 19, 2018

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Simple Solutions

Dust Free Drywall Sanding – Instead of smoothing dried joint compound with sandpaper, try using a large grout sponge. Dip the sponge into a bucket of warm water, wring out the excess water and scrub the joint compound in a circular motion. It’ll take a minute or two, but eventually the compound will soften and become smooth. A sponge with attached scouring pad works, too.

Homemade Braided Picture Wire – Make your own braided picture wire from standard galvanized wire. Cut the wire two times longer than the distance between the picture frame’s two D-hooks. Fold the wire in half, then use pliers to bend a hook into a 4d finishing nail. Chuck the hooked nail into a drill, and slip the wire onto the nail. Grab the other ends of the wire with a pair of pliers, squeeze the power drill’s trigger and watch the wire twist into a stiff, tight braid. Now twist the braided wire several times through each D-hook.

Best New Product

Plumbing leaks can happen anytime — and, often, the homeowner is out of town or away from the house when they do.

And, unfortunately, thousands of dollars in water damage could result if the matter is ignored.

That’s why it’s nice to have a product that can alert you before small leaks become big problems.

You can place the Delta Wi-Fi Leak Detector wherever there is plumbing. It could be behind the toilet, refrigerator or washing machine, for instance.

The device detects water dripping on it or water pooling around it and sends you a text message so you can rush to the location.

You can purchase this product at The Home Depot.

Featured Question of the Week

Bill from AR
Is there a special kind of concrete mix I should buy that will be strong enough for my deck footings, or do I have to order it from a mixing plant?”

Danny’s answer: Deck footings don’t need to be enormous, just strong. You want concrete with a high PSI rating. The PSI rating of concrete refers to the Pounds per Square Inch that the concrete can support without failing, or its compressive strength. Unfortunately, most concrete doesn’t reach its full strength until it has cured for a month. If you want to avoid slowing down your project you need a mix that gets strong fast. Quikrete 5000 is perfect for this application because it achieves three times the compressive strength of standard concrete in just one day. By day three it reaches 2500 PSI (which is what most builders use to pour footings for a house) and by day 28 it reaches 5000 PSI as the name suggests. That means your deck will have a strong foundation and you’ll get the work done sooner. You can find out more about this product on Quikrete’s website.

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Jane in SC
I washed the covers from my porch furniture. How do I get the foam inserts back in and make them look right? The foam grabs the covers until it seems impossible to get them back into the corners properly. Very frustrating!

Renee in OH
I have a 3700 square-foot home that I’m trying to sell. My lot is a half-acre. The feedback I am receiving is that my backyard is too small for my home. I did put a big patio on my lot years ago when I moved here. I feel like I should remove the patio but I’m not sure how. It connects to the sidewalk. My lot is more of a rectangle than a square. I am struggling as to how to make my backyard be more appealing to a future buyer.

Yvonne in MI
We have a 20-year-old solid fiberglass deck – good condition, but has lost its protective coating, and now absorbs dirt and stains. I am searching for a product that we can apply after cleaning in the spring, to keep it clean looking for the summer season. Preferably a clear coat so we won’t have to match the color (which is a light grey/tan). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been searching for years for something to seal this deck, which is 200 sq ft.

Carol in NY
My kitchen has a double sink and one side always gurgles. I just replaced all the piping underneath so there is nothing clogged there. What could cause this?

Phil in AL
I saw your video on how to create a dry space beneath a wooden deck by installing fiberglass panels. My question is, how do you remove the leaves and other debris that collect on the panels?

Mary in MI
Can I cut porcelain floor tile with a circular saw? If so, what type of blade should I use?

Hour 2

Bill in AL
We would like to swap our engineered wood flooring for real wood flooring. Is there a reason why we’ve been told we can’t do that? We weren’t given an explanation and it seems strange…

Bernie in MD
We have PVC type trim board around our deck and over the last couple of years the squirrels have used it to sharpen their teeth. It has spindles attached so it’s not easily removed and replaced. I wonder if you might have any suggestions of how we could fill that.

John in ME
What can I use to seal old barn board without taking away its color? We have mounted it in the basement and in the bathroom in the basement.

Clive in FL
The lawn around my house is full of weeds. Is there anyway of killing them without putting toxic chemicals in the ground? I have lots of beautiful birds eating from my garden daily and I don’t want to harm them.

Vicki in GA
I live in a condo and swear the girls above me wear cement shoes. The noise makes my dog very anxious. I have popcorn ceiling. Is there a way that I can reduce the noise without removing the ceiling?

Linda in FL
My granite kitchen countertop is seamed right at the sink. The caulk or glue in the seam has eroded and now there’s a gap. Can I just caulk it or is it some sort of special glue that I need?


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