How to Repair a Water Damaged Basement

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Tools and toolbox lying on the flood-damaged floor

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini
Repairing a Basement Impacted by a Flood

After a serious flooding event, Judy’s walls started to bow. She needs to know how she can begin repairing the walls and cracks that have been forming.

How to Create Safe Passage for a Car

Jon’s driveway has long narrow stone walls on each side. He needs to know if there is a simple solution that will protect drivers as they back out.

Repairing Surface Cracks on a Damaged Front Porch

Chuck wants to screen in his front porch but before he does that he needs to address a few repairs. Chuck needs to know how to fix damaged concrete sections that are cracking along the edges of his porch.

Simple Solutions

Paint Trim Like a Pro

Here are two tips for painting interior trim such as baseboards, chair rail, crown molding, and window and door casings.

Power Scrubbing Any Surface

Nylon-bristle scrub brushes are great for cleaning all sorts of surfaces, but they do require quite a bit of elbow grease. Here’s how to convert a standard hand scrub brush into a power attachment for your drill.

Best New Products

Create a White Wash Effect Easily

Lots of folks are loving the weathered look of furniture nowadays.  It’s not hard to pull off and can make for a great weekend project.  Don’t run to your nearest furniture store, just grab a few brushes and cans of Varathane’s White Wash wood stain and go to town.

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Daich Coatings






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