Repairing Damaged Concrete

To repair a worn or damaged concrete driveway or patio, start by filling any cracks, then apply a thin coat of concrete resurfacer over the entire surface using a squeegee.

Before the concrete sets, use a broom to give the surface a slip resistant finish. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


Ugly concrete can be cured with concrete surfacing compound. This material mixes like concrete but is designed to work in thinner applications.

First you’ll want fill any cracks you may have with the mix. Then you can apply a thin coat with a squeegee over the whole surface to cover the repairs and give the surface a consistent appearance. As it dries you can add a broom finish to create a slip resistance over the whole surface.


  1. How to repair sections on a garage cement floor damaged by salt brought into garage by car tires? A product that I can eventuallya cover the entire floor with a type of paint covering that will protect the floor from further damage?

  2. I have a couple of steps that leads up to my front porch they have a few issues. The steps have been painted several times. And there seems to be some slight issues as some damage to nothing real bad the corner kind of chipped a little bit couple of cracks that they tried to use some kind of plastic harder. Can I repair the damages and if so do I have to strip all the paint off the concrete and grind out that plastic hardener. I do have quite a bit of knowledge on concrete I’ve put quite a bit of it in when I was younger. Your help would be most appreciated on this issue thank you


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