Energy Efficient Heat Pump Water Heaters

Electric heat pump hot water heaters work by taking heat from the air and concentrating it in the water heater storage tank. Electric heat pump hot water heaters are up to three times more energy efficient than standard electric water heaters.

Watch this video to find out more.

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If I were to list the top three things to change in your home to reflect greener living, it would include insulation, lighting, and water heating. As far as water heating goes, finding a really efficient electric water heater has been a challenge. Even the electric tankless models don’t have that good of a track record.

A closer look at the heat pump water heater may be in order, though. They’re usually three times more efficient than your standard electric water heater, which means they can produce the same amount of hot water for one-third the amount of electricity, by pumping existing heat from the surrounding area into the storage tank. As an added benefit, cooler, drier air is returned to the room.

This still may not be as efficient as some gas models, but it’s a giant green step forward for electricity.


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