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We recommend the best products through an independent review process, and advertisers do not influence our picks. We may receive compensation if you visit partners we recommend. Read our advertiser disclosure for more info.

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How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Cost? (2023)

Average National Cost
? All cost data throughout this article are collected using the RS Means construction materials database.
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May 9, 2023

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After spending an hour or more making an elaborate dinner for your family, the last thing you want to hear is the sound of a broken garbage disposal as you begin washing the mountain of dishes. A garbage disposal costs up to $700, including the unit and installation, but much of that cost depends on the model, size, and brand. There are ways to lower the cost of a new garbage disposal, and we’ll cover what you can expect in the following sections.

The Today’s Homeowner team strives to deliver the most accurate information, so we only source our cost information from reputable databases. We also looked at more than 50 models from nearly a dozen brands to gather garbage disposal cost information.

Regardless of your next plumbing project, we have an arsenal of qualified plumbers in your area who are ready to take on the job. Use the button below if you’re ready to get connected to a certified plumbing company.

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  • Garbage disposal installation costs between $160 and $700 on average
  • You can install a garbage disposal on your own, but professionals are the better option
  • Most homeowners pay between $200 to $350 for a new garbage disposal

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garbage Disposal?

Installing a new garbage disposal costs between $160 and $700. However, most homeowners pay between $200 and $350. This cost covers the garbage disposal unit and the cost of labor for both an electrician and a plumber.

$160$200 – $350$700

Cost data include the unit, labor, and demolition, if applicable. All cost data in this article were gathered from RS Means construction materials and labor database and bids from top contractors.

How Do Garbage Disposal Costs Differ By Type?

There are two main types of garbage disposal: batch feed and continuous feed. Continuous feed garbage disposals tend to be the most popular, but they can be more expensive.

Type of Garbage DisposalLow Unit CostHigh Unit Cost
Cost data include the garbage disposal unit, not the cost of labor.

Batch-feed Garbage Disposal

A batch-feed garbage disposal only operates for only a short period. Priced from $75 to $300, this type of garbage disposal is a good choice for families with young children because it only runs when the drain stopper is in place. This makes it much safer than continuous feed garbage disposals, which run without the drain stopper.

Continuous-feed Garbage Disposal

Continuous feed garbage disposals are the most popular models installed because they’re the best at preventing drain clogs. Unlike batch-feed garbage disposals that can leave food behind to rot, a continuous-feed garbage disposal system will run until all the food has been disposed of. You can expect to pay between $200 and $350 for a continuous feed garbage disposal unit, which doesn’t include the installation labor cost.

Want to know how to fix a jammed garbage disposal? Check out the video below.

How Does Horsepower Affect Garbage Disposal Pricing?

Garbage disposals typically have horsepower (HP) of ⅓ HP, ½ HP, ¾ HP, or 1 HP. You can get stronger garbage disposals, but you most likely won’t need to pay for the extra power as a 1 HP unit can tackle the toughest foods. As a general rule, the more powerful the garbage disposal, the more it will cost.

Garbage Disposal Motor SizeAverage Household SizeAverage Cost per UnitAverage Unit + Installation Cost*
⅓ HP1 – 2 people$75 – $125$160 – $425
½ HP2 – 3 people$100 – $150$185 – $450
¾ HP3 – 5 people$150 – $300$235 – $600
1 HP4 – 8 people$200 – $400$285 – $700
*Cost data include the unit, labor, and demolition, if applicable.

⅓ HP

A ⅓-horsepower may be the least powerful of all garbage disposal models, but at $160 to $425 for the unit and installation, it’s also the least expensive. This size garbage disposal is ideal if you live alone or with a partner in a smaller apartment and rarely use your kitchen.

½ HP

If you live in a condo or townhome with a partner and a small family, you can get by with a ½-horsepower garbage disposal. At $185 to $450 for the unit and installation, you may prefer this unit to the smaller ⅓-horsepower system because it can handle tougher foods like broccoli.

¾ HP

Most homeowners can get by with a ¾-horsepower garbage disposal, as it is best suited for single-family homes with no more than two children. You can use this garbage disposal frequently, and it should still reach its 10-year lifespan. These garbage disposals cost between $235 and $600 on average to install.

1 HP

This larger motor is the most powerful and costs between $285 and $700 to install. A garbage disposal with this horsepower rating is best suited for households with four or more people and is designed to be used multiple times daily. This is for you if you plan to use the garbage disposal after most meals.

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Which Factors Impact Garbage Disposal Cost Estimates?

The unit cost will comprise the bulk of the cost to install a garbage disposal. Some smaller factors add to the total installation cost, and the garbage disposal brand also makes a cost difference. The cost factors that you should pay attention to as you look for the best garbage disposal unit for your home include the following:

  • Additional parts
  • Garbage disposal brand
  • Labor costs

Additional Parts

Most garbage disposal kits include pretty much everything you need for installation, but there are some parts that you will probably need to buy separately if you’ve never had a garbage disposal installed before. For example, you will almost always need to buy a dishwasher connection kit and a power cord separately, which cost $10 to $50 and $10 to $120, respectively.

Many of these parts cost less than $30 each, but the additional costs can add up quickly if you have to buy all of them. But as with many home improvement products, you can buy several devices that will do the same job. The price range of the most common garbage disposal additional parts ranges from $5 to $125 each, as we’ve shown below.

Garbage Disposal Additional PartLow Unit CostHigh Unit Cost
Baffle (mounting gasket)$5$70
Dishwasher connector set$10$50
Power cord kit$10$120
Push-button system$25$125
Septic-assist cartridge with replacement enzymes$10$50
Sink flange$10$70
All costs are for the garbage disposal additional part only (labor excluded)

Garbage Disposal Brand

One of the cost factors you have the most control over is the brand of garbage disposal. There are several good brands, and each should be able to do the job. However, there are some cost differences. Everbilt and Waste King, for example, typically have less expensive garbage disposals (less than $160 per unit). Some high-end brands like KitchenAid and InSinkErator can cost $400 or more for a larger garbage disposal unit.

If you want a particular garbage disposal brand, you can purchase your unit at a store like Home Depot and hire a plumber and electrician (if you need one) to install it.

Garbage Disposal Brand⅓ HP Motor Cost½ HP Motor Cost¾ HP Motor Cost1+ HP Motor Cost
Waste King$75$95$120$130
All costs are for the garbage disposal unit only (labor and additional parts excluded).

The InSinkErator may be on the pricier side, but it can clear through food waste like no other. See how one of these ¾ horsepower garbage disposals works in this video.

Labor Costs

You’ll need both a plumber and an electrician to install your garbage disposal. The plumber will attach the garbage disposal to the sink and plumbing, and the electrician will need to install the electrical outlet needed to operate the garbage disposal.

On average, you should expect an hourly rate between $45 and $200 for a plumber and between $40 and $100 for an electrician. The hourly rate for plumbers and electricians depends on the providers in your area. So get several quotes before choosing a company. Your plumber may also have a recommendation for an electrician, so you can ask them about qualified electricians in your area.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal?

There are many pros and few cons of owning a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal may not be your most essential kitchen appliance, but once you have one, you won’t want to live any other way.

Save Time Washing Dishes

If you don’t have a garbage disposal at home, washing dishes can take a long time without one. Before putting the dishes in the sink, you must remove all the food and throw it in the trash. Even though that may not seem like much, it can add a lot of time to your dishwashing routine.

With a garbage disposal, you save time washing dishes because all you have to do is slide the food on the plate into the garbage disposal, which will dispose of the food for you. Not only is this convenient, but it also saves time washing dishes.

Garbage disposals also make it much easier to keep your sink clean because residual food left in it can just go down into the disposal rather than having to be collected and thrown into the trash.

Just remember, not all foods can go down the garbage disposal.

Protect Against Pipe Leaks

If you don’t have a garbage disposal and food accidentally goes down the drain, you’re at great risk of a disastrous pipe leak or even a burst pipe because your pipes can’t handle a large blockage. Too much food in your pipes can lead to serious problems that can cost $350 or more to repair.

But with a garbage disposal, any food that goes down the drain will be broken down so that it can easily pass through the pipes and into the wastewater system. This way, you won’t have to worry about clogged pipes and will have a much lower risk of pipe leaks, which could save you money.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

Lemon peels and ice cubes can be a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning your garbage disposal, but baking soda and vinegar can be even better. Learn how to clean your garbage disposal with the video tutorial below.

Reduce Food Waste

Without a garbage disposal, you have to throw away every bit of food on your plate before you can even begin washing it. That’s because food scraps can’t go down the drain — they might clog it. This means creating a lot of extra trash that gets smelly quickly.

With a garbage disposal, you don’t have to worry about taking all the food off your dishes before you wash them. Garbage disposals are suitable for most types of food, and you’ll produce less food waste to throw away as trash.

Professional vs. DIY Garbage Disposal Installation

You can install a garbage disposal yourself, but we always recommend hiring professionals if you want to ensure it’s done properly. Not only will they ensure your garbage disposal is working properly, but they’ll also provide you with a workmanship warranty that will cover the cost of repairing your garbage disposal if something goes wrong during installation.

Doing Garbage Disposal Installation Yourself

To install a new garbage disposal, you’ll need plumbing knowledge and several tools including a hacksaw, hammer, pliers, hex wrench, pliers, plumber’s putty, and silicone sealant. If there isn’t already a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet under your sink to plug the disposal into, you’ll need to have an electrician install one or do it yourself.

When you purchase a garbage disposal kit, it should come with everything you need to install it in your kitchen sink. Some kits don’t include a discharge tube, garbage disposal cord, or dishwasher drain, so you may need to separately purchase the parts to connect your garbage disposal to your sink. In the most basic garbage disposal kits, you can expect to see the following parts:

  • Sink flange
  • Fiber gasket
  • Backup flange
  • Upper mounting ring
  • Snap ring
  • Lower mounting ring

Courtesy: products.geappliances.com

Once you’ve made sure all of your parts are there, you can begin installation. For the experienced DIYer, this project should take just a few hours. But if you’re installing your own GFCI outlet, it may take you an entire afternoon to install your new garbage disposal. Follow these steps to install your garbage disposal (assuming your GFCI outlet is already in place and the disposal has a cord with a plug):

  1. Prepare your tools, clean out sink drain, and prep work station.
  2. Disconnect plumbing under your sink (p-trap and horizontal extension pipe) and remove the parts.
  3. Disconnect the down drainpipe coming from the sink and the connection that attaches it to the p-trap.
  4. Unscrew the large nut that keeps the strainer in place under the sink and remove the strainer. Clean off any old plumber’s putty that remains around the sink edges and remove the snap ring from the disposal.
  5. Install the new sink flange.
  6. Install the fiber gasket, backup flange and mounting flange over the sink flange from under the sink, then install the mounting ring and snap ring, tightening the screws on the mounting ring.
  7. If your disposal will be connected to the dishwasher, remove the dishwasher knockout plug.
  8. Mount your garbage disposal.
  9. Attach the discharge tube to the disposal and connect it to the drain trap. Attach drain hose to the dishwasher inlet if connecting your disposal to the dishwasher.
  10. Lock the garbage disposal to the sink mounting assembly.
  11. Plug in and start using your new disposal.
  12. Be sure to care for your disposal properly to keep it in good working order.

Hiring a Professional for Garbage Disposal Installation

If you want to make sure your garbage disposal is installed correctly, we recommend you hire a professional to do the job. Not only will a professional plumber make sure your new disposal is installed correctly, but you will also get a workmanship warranty that will cover the cost to repair your garbage disposal should something happen during the installation process.

It’s easy to get connected with a professional plumber in your area. All you need to do is follow these steps and you’ll have your new unit installed in no time:

  1. Use the button below to get connected: Our Find a Pro tool will connect you to the best local plumbers in your area so that you can get your new disposal installed properly.
  2. Gather quotes for garbage disposal installation costs: We recommend you get at least two quotes from local plumbing companies as the cost of labor depends on the company.
  3. Consult the plumber on their recommendation: When they come to your home to give a quote, ask the plumber if they recommend doing repairs on your old garbage disposal or installing a new one.
  4. Compare garbage disposal replacement costs: After you’ve received multiple quotes, choose the quote that best fits your needs and budget.
  5. Schedule your garbage disposal installation: It takes an experienced plumber about one hour to install a new garbage disposal, so schedule a time that works for you.

If you’re ready to get connected to a local plumber so that you can get a garbage disposal installed, submit your information below.

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So, Is a Garbage Disposal Worth It?

Garbage disposals not only reduce the amount of time you spend washing dishes and garbage production in your home, but they can also keep your pipes from clogging. Although the price range for a new garbage disposal is between $160 and $700, most homeowners pay between $200 and $350 to install one.

For that price, it’s definitely worth it to purchase a garbage disposal if you don’t already have one. If your pipes leak due to food blockages, you’ll probably have to pay at least $350 to repair them. However, if you had a garbage disposal to begin with, this problem may never have occurred.

Now that you know what it costs to get a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen, check out the most frequently asked questions about garbage disposal installation.

FAQs About Garbage Disposal Installation

How much should you spend on garbage disposal?

You can expect to spend between $75 and $500 on a garbage disposal unit, but this does not include the cost of labor. If you have a professional plumber and electrician install your garbage disposal, you can expect an extra $45 to $200 per hour and $40 to $100 per hour, respectively, to be added onto your total cost. That said, you should spend between $160 and $700 to install a garbage disposal.

What's the average life of a garbage disposal?

The average lifespan of a garbage disposal is 10 to 12 years, but the total life expectancy depends on how often it’s used and if you perform regular maintenance on your garbage disposal. For example, if you use your garbage disposal sparingly, it may last a few more years. But if you have a family of six living in your home and you use your garbage disposal several times a day, then you may need to replace it more often.

How often should you replace the garbage disposal?

You should replace your garbage disposal every 10 to 12 years. However, if you find that your garbage disposal isn’t working as well as it used to or is making strange noises, it’s time to call your plumber. They may recommend garbage disposal repairs or replacing it altogether.

Is it difficult to replace a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposal replacement is a simple task for any professional plumber or contractor. On average, it takes about an hour to replace a garbage disposal if you are a trained professional, but handy homeowners may need more time.

If you purchase a garbage disposal from your local hardware store, it should come with all the equipment for installation. However, it’s always recommended to hire a professional plumber to do the installation to ensure the garbage disposal is working properly.

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