The modern farmhouse style is the new trend. Farmhouse homes have a unique, cozy charm that makes them feel like a place where you can relax and be yourself. But how do you know if it’s right for your home?

Forget everything you thought you knew about farmhouse homes. We’re ushering in a modern farmhouse homes revival, and it all starts with white windows. If your house is a little too traditional, the easiest way to give it a modern flair is to use windows with white trims.


To help you elevate your exterior, we’ve put together our favorite modern farmhouse designs. These beautiful homes feature board and batten siding, triangular roofing, and white windows—all of which come together to create a clean and classic look that is sure to inspire.

1. Classic Modern Farmhouse


The classic farmhouse look is all about simplicity and comfort: clean lines, contrasting colors, and lots of natural textures. 

When it comes to modern farmhouses, white windows are a must-have. These windows beautifully complement blue siding and light gray roofs, creating an exterior as classic as it is beautiful. The windows in this house design are trimmed out in white, which provides a nice contrast to the darker blue siding. These trims will give your house a more finished look and make it look more polished overall.

The board and batten siding paired with vertical roof lines also creates the illusion that your house is bigger than it actually is! This house design offers an ideal blend of traditional charm and modern convenience.

2. Minimalist Farmhouse in Neutral Pallete


Neutral colors are a popular trend for modern farmhouse homes with white windows. One reason for this is that light neutral colors tend to make the home appear larger, which is especially important in smaller homes. Bungalow-style houses, in particular, look open and inviting when they’re given light, airy window treatments.

It’s pretty common to see modern farmhouse homes with white windows, cream-colored vertical siding, and extensive triangular gray roofs. What makes this house style special is the board and batten design on the exterior that gives the home a minimalist look. Having white windows and white trims gives the home a sleek, clean appearance.

If you want your home to stand out from just another modern farmhouse with white windows, add a personal touch by choosing a different contrasting color for your door.

3. Refreshing Pastel Farmhouse


You probably picture white walls and dark trim when you think of farmhouse design, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, we believe that pastel colors are an excellent choice for farmhouses to make your home look bright and welcoming.

If you’re interested in a pastel blue exterior color for your new farmhouse home, try going with white windows and trim to match. This will definitely make the house look bright and cheery! It will also make it easier on your eyes when you’re looking out of those windows—it won’t be quite as blinding when there’s no harsh contrast between the bright blue sky and your window frames.

4. Simple Urban Farmhouse


Vertical and horizontal lines in your exterior make your home look clean and organized—which is perfect for people who love the cozy, comfy vibe of the classic farmhouse style but prefer a more clean-cut aesthetic. Light gray sidings and roofs can go well with this architectural style.

The color combination creates a neutral canvas that you can add character to with rustic wooden doors and outdoor furniture. Add some earth-tone brick stone as an outline to your exterior to add more curb appeal to your home.

White trim accents around the doors and windows can help brighten the exterior, giving the house a clean and crisp overall appearance.

5. City Ranch-Style Home


The best part about modern farmhouses is that there are no rules when it comes to designing one! You can mix your vertical and horizontal siding or even use both if you want.

The most eye-catching features of this modern farmhouse style are the huge windows, white trims, and garage doors. They contrast nicely against the dark siding and really draw attention to the architecture of this home.

If you have a city ranch-style home with board and batten roofing and walls, try adding brick accents at the base of your home for more visual interest.

6. Aesthetic Black and White Farmhouse


A modern farmhouse style is a beautiful fit for many homeowners, but it can be hard to get the aesthetic just right. One of the ways to create a minimalist contrast is to use a black roof and white siding. It’s a simple look that’s both classical and stylish.

You can also add visual interest by using LED lights in an orange tone inside your home. They’ll illuminate your interior at night, making your farmhouse the center of attention on even the darkest nights!

While this design is ideal for houses located in picturesque countryside, white windows are also great for suburban homes—especially if you have an avid green thumb.

7. Conventional Farmhouse With Sophisticated Contrast


Modern farmhouses with white windows can add sophistication to your property with just a few accents. The key is in contrast—the dark, textured roof and siding paired with white trim and window frames are incredibly eye-catching. You’ll have the rustic feel of a traditional farmhouse but with an elegant edge.

If you want to take it a step further, paint your doors in rustic colors to maintain that cozy feeling while adding interest. No matter how you style your home, modern farmhouses with white windows are sure to attract attention.

And with that, we conclude our blog about modern farmhouse homes with white windows. Hopefully, these designs have given you a little inspiration for your next home project. Modern farmhouses are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to make a statement in the neighborhood.

Many people love the classic look, but if you’re going to update your farmhouse style with something a little more modern, think about using white windows instead of wood.

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