1. White, Olive Green, and Rich Burgundy

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A white exterior siding makes the house look crisp, clean, and spacious. And since white attracts more light, the house appears more radiant and elegant. In addition, the bright white paint gives more freedom to experiment with various color palettes.

Using a warm olive green with a gray undertone for the roof gives an earthy and modern quality, especially when it’s situated in a lush green landscape. The shades of green also blend well with the surrounding vibrant yellow maple foliage. 

A touch of a darker trim color like rich burgundy also spotlights the front door and windows’ architectural details without being overpowering.

2. White Cream, Orange Salmon, and Sienna

source: unsplash.com 

A cream white siding provides an excellent base palette for the house, making it stand out in the neighborhood and bringing it closer to the curb.

Using warmer tints as trim colors is an excellent way to spruce up the house’s architectural features. Windows and shutters rimmed by bold or darker accents like orange salmon add texture since this shade is rich and warm.

In addition, a pop of color like sienna perfectly frames the front door, making it prominent and eye-catching. 

3. Two-tone Gray and Off-White with Black Trim

source: pixabay.com 

The muted gray siding with a blue undertone pairs nicely with the neutral off-white bottom part of the wall. The two-tone color combination establishes a sense of symmetry and adds another facet of luster to the house. 

In addition, the black trim gives dimension to the windows and doors and accentuates the outlines of the gable roof. A darker trim color also playfully sets off the architectural elements. The surrounding landscaping also helps draw attention to the house’s front view.

4. Baltic Sea, Steel Gray, and Black

source: unsplash.com 

Solid dark hues like the baltic sea color make a strong visual statement of the roof and add better depth against the steel grey with a blue undertone exterior siding.

Pairing black trim gives a strong outline and effectively frames the windows, while the pale taupe shutters give even more definition. The pale taupe archway stones also contrast nicely and accentuate the door as the house’s main entrance.

In addition, the dark color scheme provides a sleek, monochromatic, yet sophisticated look that contrasts and makes the house pop more from the snow-covered ground.

5. Powder Ash and Medium Taupe

source: pexels.com 

The powdery ash house exterior pairs well with vibrant colors since it adds more contrast and defining accents. 

The medium taupe trim pops against the powder ash wall of the house and makes the body appear more expansive. The dark trim also creates notable borders that beautifully outline the architectural structures, bringing out the window sashes and railings. 

A neutral shade for the body and a darker trim and roof creates a balanced exterior color combination that blends well with the surrounding greenery. The color scheme also provides a calming and refreshing appeal, perfect for the house’s country profile.

6. Vivid Auburn and Black

source: unsplash.com

A solid black roof is a nice complement to the striking red exterior siding of the house. It offers a classic combination and a timeless look that never goes out of style. The black roof also helps boost the red house’s curb appeal while setting the undertone.

In addition, the solid black trim enhances the exterior architectural elements like windows frames and doors. It also draws the eyes towards the front view, making the vivid auburn siding stand out. The prevalent color scheme also creates a monochromatic cohesive look. 

7. Dark Khaki and Mahogany Red

source: unsplash.com 

This house uses a daring dark khaki color for the exterior siding that provides a strong visual appeal, drawing the eyes towards the house’s full view. The dark khaki with yellow undertone also makes the space stand out in the neighborhood because of its warm house color palette. 

Adding a darker color like mahogany red in the window frames and the door is the perfect trim and accent color because it helps give a dramatic color scheme and keeps the house from turning monotonous. In addition, the unique color combination feels rustic and earthy and works perfectly for the surrounding greenery.

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