Importance of Following Building Codes when Building a Shed

Even though sheds are small structures, they still have to be approved by your local building department, receive a building permit, and follow building codes during construction. In addition, if you may have to comply with local neighborhood covenants.

Be sure to comply with building regulations and covenants concerning required setbacks from your property lines when constructing a shed. Setbacks, or the minimum distance a structure has to be from property lines, can vary, but usually are 15’ from back lot lines and 25’ from side lot line. If you need to build closer than the allotted space, you can apply for a variance from the building department.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. The is a brick wall on the side of my house that is part of my property.It has the same designs as the wall and gate to my home however the neighbor is stating that it is his wall when it is clearly shown on the property assessor ‘s web site that the wall is part of my property. However the neighbor has planted flowers next to the wall,posted a bird house about foot away from the wall and has his dog which is as tall as the wall jumping up on the wall.How can I approach this situation without a confrontation,also how can i obtain the original layout of this property?

    • Hi, Carolyn,
      Danny says, “The key piece of information that would solve the conflict is the actual legal survey that would be more accurate and have more details than any online survey. Thanks for your question.”


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