What to Consider Before Adding a Storage Shed to Your Yard

Before starting construction on a storage shed in your yard, check the city setback requirements to see how much distance you need to allow from property lines. Next, see if there are any covenants or restrictions concerning the construction, size, or style of storage sheds in your neighborhood.

Other considerations for a storage shed include:

  • Square Footage: Determine how much room you need to store your lawn equipment and tools.
  • Interior Lighting: Unless you plan to run electricity to your shed, make sure it contains windows or skylights to provide natural lighting.
  • Ventilation: Choose a shed with screen covered vents to reduce the chance of mold and lower the heat.
  • Shelving: Make sure you have plenty of shelves and racks to help you organize your tools and lawn equipment. Adjustable shelves allow you to customize storage.
  • Foundation: The foundation for your shed can consist of either a poured concrete slab or a wood floor raised off the ground on concrete blocks.

The shed kit shown in this video was made by Lifetime. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. I have a drive through garage with a 9′ x7′ roll up door on the rear of the garage. I would like to attach a cement slab behind the door for a shop / additional drive through exit on the addition. How thick must the slab be, and how much would it cost? I would like to do the wood work myself if possible, or add a prebuilt frame to a 12′ x 20′ slab.

    Thank you. ( is this too much for a novice ? )

  2. I need to know what the setback is for a 8ft X 9 ft Storage shed in the rear of my Mfg. Home Rear and side walls made of Brick Blocks ,Roof to be wood and regular roofing . front will be of wood and Brick Blocks with a sliding door.

  3. I never realized that having an effective ventilation system in a shed can help in preventing mold from appearing. I’ve been wanting to have a garage built ever since I purchased my first car last year. The added convenience of being able to shield my car from rain and more importantly hail is something I’d really need.

  4. My mom wants to add a storage shed in the yard, which is why she’s looking for a reputable contractor here in town. I like that you mentioned the importance of proper ventilation. We did NOT even think of that. Can you imagine….? We’re totally going for a shed with screen-covered vents to reduce mold buildup.


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