Backyard Paradise

Back of house with concrete slab patio.
Holloman backyard before Pavestone paver makeover.

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We’re in Pearland, Texas, to help the folks from Pavestone tackle a backyard makeover for the winner of our 2015 “Win Your Own Pavestone Paradise” contest.

Danny Lipford and the Hollomans standing in the backyard in front of an oak tree.
Danny Lipford with the Hollomans.

Wes and Kelli Holloman’s winning essay and video were selected from the over 4,000 entries which were submitted in the online Pavestone Paradise contest.

The grand prize in the contest consisted of a backyard makeover provided by Pavestone. The makeover included both labor and materials and had a value worth up to $10,000.

The goal of the makeover was to take the uninviting and seldom used concrete patio in the Hollomans’ backyard, and turn it into a beautiful outdoor living and entertaining space that included a paver patio, picnic table, benches, fire pit, planting bed, and grill surround.

Except for the picnic table top, which was made from poured concrete, and the pressure treated wood bench seat, everything for the backyard makeover was constructed from Pavestone pavers.

Using conduit and screed board to level patio base.
Using conduit pipe as a guide and a screed board to level patio base.

Paver Patio

We started by marking off the location of the paver patio on the ground using a spray can of marking paint. Next, 3″ of grass and topsoil was removed to allow for the thickness of the compacted rock base and leveling sand.

Allen Lyle, Danny Lipford, and Pavestone employee laying paver patio.
Laying Pavestone paver patio.

A straight 2×4 was used as a screed to even the base material before compacting the base with a motorized plate compactor.

Once the rock base has been leveled and compacted, conduit pipes were placed on top of the base to act as guides for the screed board to level the layer of sand.

The various size Pavestone pavers were then laid on top of the sand base to form the patio.

Watch our video on Laying a Paver Patio to find out more.

Paver Picnic Table

The picnic table base and benches were constructed from stacked pavers with construction adhesive applied between each layer to hold them together.

Stacking the pavers for the picnic table benches.
Stacking the pavers for the picnic table benches.

The picnic table top was made in two pieces using Quikrete concrete poured in a form, with wire and rebar added for reinforcement.

After the slabs had hardened, they were removed from the form and scrubbed with Quikrete Concrete Cleaner before being stained.

Paver Accessories

Paver fire pit on patio.
Pavestone fire pit.

The whole Holloman family pitched in to lay the easy to assemble Pavestone fire pit on the patio.

The fire pit was flanked by two benches constructed using a paver base and pressure treated 4x4s for the seats.

To add a finishing touch to the backyard makeover, pavers were used to create a surround for the stainless steel grill and a border for the flower bed.

Watch our video on How to Build a Backyard Fire Pit to find out more.

Retractable Screen Door

To make it easier for the Holloman family to use their new Pavestone outdoor living space, we installed a Brisa retractable screen door from ODL on the back door of the house. The screen retracts against the door frame when not in use so it doesn’t get in the way.

Brisa retractable screen doors can be installed in place of most traditional or sliding screen doors on single or double swinging doors as well as french doors and sliding patio doors.

Backyard with paver patio, picnic table, grill, benches, and fire pit.
Holloman’s backyard after Pavestone paradise makeover.

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  1. I saw this on tv this morning. It was such a pleasure to watch you all working so hard in the rainy weather to make this young family’s back yard so enjoyable. God bless you all. The yard was beautiful. The family was so nice and certainly deserved this gift from you. I love watching your show on Saturday mornings. I set my alarm clock for 6am to watch it and this one was one of the best.

  2. The backyard paver addition. You installed a retractable screen door. Very interested in purchasing one for our home in Pensacola Florida. What’s the brand name and where can we purchase it? Thanks. Great show BTW!

    • Hi Teresa,
      The screen door we installed was a Brisa retractable screen door from ODL. You can find out more under the “Retractable Screen Door” heading in the episode article above. Thank you for your interest, and glad to hear you enjoyed the show!

    • Hi Sandy,
      Spaces were left in the paver bench columns for the 4×4 wood beams, with shims between each of the beams to space them properly. Construction adhesive was used to hold the pavers together.


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