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Started in 2016 in Dallas, Texas, Fixd is a home warranty company that was established to “put the homeowner first”. Fixd is relatively unique in that it offers a low $50 service fee, and it provides a $10,000 satisfaction guarantee. Fixd is only available in select cities in four states — Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada. 

In this article, we take a look at Fixd’s coverage, quotes and claims processes, cost and more so that you have a better understanding of this provider.

After digging into all of the details, we will then share our thoughts on Fixd’s overall home warranty package in comparison with American Home Shield, the research team’s Best Overall Provider.

In this article:

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Quick Take: Fixd

  1. Only available in select cities in four states: Fixd is only available in select cities in Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada.
  2. $10,000 satisfaction guarantee: If a customer is not satisfied with the work that was performed by a Fixd employee, the company will reimburse you up to $10,000.
  3. Low service fee: Fixd offers a low $50 service fee, which sets itself apart from other companies in the home warranty industry.
  4. No guarantee on speed of claim processing: Unlike many other home warranty providers, Fixd provides no guarantee on the speed of its claim processing or fulfillment.

Because of its satisfaction guarantee, solid coverage plans and low service fee, Fixd is a home warranty provider worth considering. You can get a free quote from Fixd on the company’s plans webpage

It is important to note that Fixd is only available in select cities within four different U.S. states. You can read more about this provider’s availability, coverage, cost and more in the sections below. 

Though Fixd has some good qualities, our review team found that American Home Shield (AHS) is the superior provider. AHS’ top-notch reputation, rare coverage benefits and speed of claims processing give it the edge over Fixd. Furthermore, AHS is available in 49 states and has a professional network of over 16,000 independent, screened professional contractors.

You can get a free quote from AHS by submitting a simple form or by calling 844-529-9298.

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What to Know About Fixd Home Warranty Plans

Fixd offers four plans: Fixd favorite, Home Systems, Appliances and Whole Home. You can see what each of these plans offers in terms of coverage using the table below. Fixd’s coverage plans are impressive, protecting at least nine items in each plan.

Fixd offers three optional add-ons for its plans: Septic coverage, refrigerator coverage and pool/spa coverage. The amount of optional add-ons Fixd offers is low, excluding common optional add-ons such as guest units, electronics, protection for roof leaks and sump pumps.

Overall, Fixd’s coverage plans are very comprehensive and worth considering, but its low amount of optional add-ons is not ideal for customer selection.

Coverage availability

Fixd is available in select cities in four states: Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada. The cities that Fixd covers are the following: 

Texas cities: Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio

Arizona cities: Phoenix

Georgia cities: Atlanta

Nevada cities: Las Vegas

Fixd plan coverageHome SystemsFixd FavoriteWhole HomeAppliances
3 Air conditioning systems 
3 Heating Systems 
R0410a modifications 
Electrical system 
Ceiling & exhaust fans 
Garage door opener 
Drain line stoppages 
Plumbing pipe leaks 
Tankless water heaters 
Garbage disposal 
Trash compactor 
Built-in microwave 
Exhaust fan  
Kitchen refrigerator (including ice maker)  
Stand-alone freezer  
Clothes washer  
Clothes dryer  
Wine Refrigerator  
Free-standing Ice Maker  
Free rekey (up to 6 locks including 4 keys)   
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Cost Breakdowns for Fixd Home Warranty

Home warranty owners are responsible for two types of costs, their monthly premium and their service fee. The monthly premium for a home warranty is paid every single month, while the service fee is only paid when a service visit is needed.

As you can see in the table below, Fixd’s monthly premium cost depends on the size and type of your home. Fixd’s monthly premium costs generally lie within the industry average, which is around $25-$67 a month. However, some of the plans for mansions go beyond the industry average cost. Keep in mind also that these costs do not account for any optional add-ons you may choose to include on your plan, which could add at least $20 a month to your premium cost. 

In comparison with its mostly average premium costs, Fixd’s service fee is low at just $50. This rate is significant as most home warranty companies charge at least $75 for their service fees.

Fixd Home Warranty Premium CostCondoHouse (<6,000 square feet)Mansion (>6,000 square feet)
Home Systems $35 / month$38 / month$55 / month
Fixd Favorite $45 / month$48 / month$70 / month
Whole Home$55 / month$58 / month$89 / month
Appliances$30 / month$35 / month$35 / month

Quotes and Claims with Fixd Home Warranty

You can get a quote from Fixd home warranty on the company’s plan coverage page or by contacting the company through its chat function or contact form. Unfortunately, Fixd offers no phone number that you can use to contact the company for a quote.

You can submit a claim a few different ways with Fixd, which are listed below. While likely uncommon, Fixd may take six weeks or more from the time you submit your claim to complete resolution of your claim. This is a very long waiting period. There is no guaranteed response time with Fixd’s home warranty service.

Options for submitting a claim:

  1. Submit the claim on your online account
  2. Submit your claim on Fixd’s mobile app 
  3. Email the company your claim at 
  4. Call the company at (844)FIXD-NOW

Fixd Home Warranty Reviews

Fixd has received decent reviews from customers. It received a three and a half star average rating based on 240 reviews on its Trustpilot webpage and almost a three and a half star average rating on its Better Business Bureau (BBB) webpage. Generally, positive reviews praise Fixd’s coverage plans and low service fee, while negative reviews tend to highlight occasional issues with communication or needed repairs not being completed correctly.

Here are a few sample positive and negative Fixd home warranty reviews that we found.

Positive reviews:

“We have used Fixd a handful of times for various issues at two different homes (broken garbage disposal, HVAC issues and faucet replacement). The service technicians and plumbers are honest and timely and customer service is exceptional. Thanks for fixing my house, Fixd!”

– Susan H. via BBB

“This is the second year I have had Fixd’s warranty. The company explained how the warranty works and answered all of my questions. I needed them to come out for multiple different services and each time they have been on time and knowledgeable.”

– DR via Trustpilot

Negative reviews:

“I had two separate plumbing issues for which I scheduled four separate appointments (confirmed through emails and the app) and never had anyone even show up to my property, much less examine/address the issues. “Customer service reps” on the phone were short and disinterested in helping whatsoever.”

– Amy via BBB

“We’ve had them [Fixd] for less then a year, and I can say now the only good thing about them is the app. Their technicians are not very good at their trades —every time we have a problem it always requires a repeat visit because it isn’t fixed the first time.”

– Lisa Bee via Trustpilot

Conclusion on Fixd Reviews

Fixd offers a solid home warranty for homeowners in select cities in Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada. Its coverage plans are comprehensive, its reviews are decent and it has a low service fee.

While we think Fixd is worth considering, we believe that American Home Shield (AHS) is the superior provider. AHS was acknowledged by our review team as the best overall provider after we gathered price quotes, studied sample contracts and talked to representatives from every major home warranty company in the industry. We discuss a few of the reasons why AHS performed so well in our rankings in the section below.

Recommended Provider: American Home Shield

Our research team found that American Home Shield (AHS) is an excellent provider for the following reasons:

  1. Great customer service and rapid claims processing: AHS provides 24/7 customer service and responds to claims within 24 hours, 98% of the time. This is much faster than most other home warranty companies.
  2. Positive reputation: Almost one out of two home warranty owners bought their home warranty from this company, and AHS is six-time defending champions of the Women’s Choice award for the best home warranty.
  3. No repeat service fees: If a particular repair or replacement fails within 30 days, AHS will repair the failure without charging an additional service fee. 
  4. Largest nationwide network of contractors: AHS has the largest nationwide network of screened professional contractors, with over 16,000 of them. This broad network allows American Home Shield to assign their contractors to a job within 15 minutes or less, 90% of the time. 

Do You Need a Home Warranty?

Homes are operated by a variety of complex systems and appliances that will inevitably need repairs and that will also eventually break down. Because of their complexity, repairing these systems and appliances can be very expensive. According to House Method, an HVAC system costs over $4,200 to replace and a water heater costs over $1,000 to replace. These are just two examples of the many systems and appliances that you might need to replace in your home at some point in time.

Not many homeowners could afford to pay $4,200 out of pocket when their HVAC system needs replacement. In order to protect themselves from such a large repair bill, many homeowners choose to buy a home warranty. With a home warranty, you pay a monthly premium and a service fee every time you need a repair instead of having to pay your repair bill in cash. Last year, over 2 billion dollars were spent on home warranties in the U.S. alone, according to IBISWorld. 

Because of the peace of mind and financial stability that they bring, our review team thinks it is wise for homeowners to consider purchasing a home warranty. This is especially the case if you don’t have a very large income or amount of savings. You can read more about home warranties and the value they provide in our article discussing whether home warranties are worth it.

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