Hummingbird feeders have to be cleaned and refilled regularly, since the sugar solution ferments quickly outdoors.

Some bird experts recommend going to extra lengths – such as boiling the solution – to make it last longer. But I find that during a hot summer, the stuff goes bad (or gets buggy) in 3-4 days no matter what.

Instead of spending time trying to make the perfect nectar, I set out to develop a system that gets fresh nectar to my birds in five minutes flat. And I don’t mean those tricks on TV, where it only takes five minutes if you’ve laid out and pre-measured everything beforehand. I mean FIVE MINUTES, from start to finish. And yes, I timed it! With this system, you can refresh the nectar as often as needed.

    Got your stopwatch ready? It’s as simple as:

    Step #1: Pour Sugar in Measuring Cup

    Grab a 2-cup measure (or whatever you’ve got) and pour in about 1/2 cup sugar (a quarter full). If you’re trying to attract birds to a new feeder, you can increase the sugar up to 1 cup (half full).

    Step #2: Add Hot Water to Measuring Cup

    Fill the cup halfway with hot tap water, and stir until the sugar’s completely dissolved. Add a little more water if needed to dissolve all the sugar.

    Step #3: Add Ice Cubes to Measuring Cup

    Fill the cup the rest of the way (to the 2-cup line) with ice cubes, and set it aside to cool.

    Step #4: Clean Hummingbird Feeder

    Take down your feeder, dump it out, and rinse it thoroughly with hot water. I keep a little scrub brush by my sink, to get the dirt and mold out of the seams. If it’s super-dirty, I add some dish soap, but I find that if I do it frequently, a quick scrub with hot water is all it needs.

    If you’re super-savvy, you can just put this feeder in the dishwasher and pull out a fresh one! If you’re spending more than two minutes cleaning your feeder, you should buy a new one – the flat ones are very easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe.

    Step #5: Fill Hummingbird Feeder with Nectar

    Stir your nectar, and pour it in. Don’t worry about the leftover slivers of ice – pour them in, or pour them out, whichever you prefer. They won’t last long anyway.

    Step #6: Hang Hummingbird Feeder

    Re-hang your feeder, and get on with life! I replace the nectar about every other day now, and both the birds and I are very happy.

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