National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the vibrant cultures, histories, and contributions of Americans with Hispanic roots. The annual observation commences on September 15, the anniversary of independence for many Latin Americans. The month ends on October 15, right after Día de la Raza.

An excellent way to support and celebrate the accomplishments of the Latinx community is to adorn your home and garden with beautiful products from Latinx-owned small businesses. Keep reading to learn about 10 incredible home and garden businesses to support this Hispanic Heritage Month.

    10 Latinx Businesses to Support This Hispanic Heritage Month

    The following entrepreneurs produce a wide range of products, all aiming to celebrate their rich heritages and foster a sense of empowerment for fellow people of color.

    The Designing Chica

    The Designing Chica is a visual design brand founded by Guatemalan-Nicaraguan-American entrepreneur Susana Sanchez. Sanchez is a visual journalist by day, working in newspaper design, photo illustration, and graphic art. By night, she transforms into a creator of artwork inspired by her vibrant Latin heritage.

    Sanchez launched The Designing Chica after failing to find nursery artwork that fit her style and culture. Before the arrival of her first child, she decided to use her professional skills to design an alphabet poster for the nursery.

    This simple artwork struck an epiphany for Sanchez, and The Designing Chica was born. Later, after the birth of her second child, Sanchez launched the brand with just 12 designs. Today, she sells over 100 original pieces.

    In an exclusive interview with Sanchez, the Today’s Homeowner team learned more about what inspires her daily.

    “I never saw my culture, language, or identity properly represented in stores or movies. Now, I design things for my younger self who sometimes tried to fit in but couldn’t,” she said. “Everything I create is inspired by my culture and things I love – things my mom and my crazy tías say.”

    Sanchez loves using her 20+ years of professional experience to create something that resonates with people and makes them feel represented. She didn’t expect her first-generation Latin upbringing to inspire a business, but she’s so glad it did.

    “In art school, I was told to step away from who I am – when who I am, my culture, and Spanglish identity are beautiful,” Sanchez said. “I will continue to make art that resonates with people until I can’t.”

    Susana Sanchez at an art market
    The Designing Chica [@thedesigningchica]. (2022, May 14).

    Casa Bríxe

    Casa Brixe is a textile brand founded by Mexican-American lifestyle blogger Francesca Smith and her husband, John. The couple launched the brand during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide customers with “authentic pieces of Mexican artisan tradition.”

    Casa Brixe sells small-batch, ethically sourced wool textiles from traditional Mexican artists. The brand aims to celebrate Hispanic culture by bringing authentic products to the market instead of imitation textiles made elsewhere. Each Casa Brixe rug is handwoven, dyed, and sourced by independent artists, making them a true celebration of Mexico’s vibrant culture.

    man and woman sitting together on handmade rug
    Casa Brixe [@casa_brixe]. (2022, February 14).

    Concrete Geometric

    Krizia Flores founded Concrete Geometric in 2013 to create and sell geometric, minimalistic art. Flores grew up in a do-it-yourself household, which inspired her to make her own artwork and teach others to do the same.

    Today, Concrete Geometric offers a wide range of handmade homewares, pots, dishes, and DIY kits. The brand’s Recycle Your Plastics to Pots kit allows customers to make trash into treasure by following a simple YouTube tutorial.

    If you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to try your hand at concrete artwork, sign up for one of Concrete Geometric’s in-person classes. Flores holds workshops in different locations around the city to help fellow DIYers tap into their artistic potential.

    concrete pots and containers
    Concrete Geometric [@concretegeometric]. (2021, October 21).

    Mandana Blvd.

    Mandana Blvd. is a home decor brand that supplies a curated collection of vintage, bohemian, and mid-century pieces. Founders Cristina Ramos and her partner Nu Goteh believe that “at the heart of every great home is a timeless aesthetic shaped by the dweller’s idea of what is essential, what is beautiful, and what brings joy.”

    After moving from New York City to San Francisco, the couple began furnishing their new home with items found in thrift shops and flea markets. The couple launched the shop to help other homeowners tap into their styles with unique items.

    Mandana’s vintage collection includes antique glassware, artwork, furniture, and more. The contemporary collection includes beautiful handmade cushions from an artisan in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

    beautiful handmade vintage cushions
    Mandana Blvd. [@mandanablvd]. (2019, May 23).

    Cisco Home

    Cisco Pinedo founded Cisco Home 30 years ago, intending to create “one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly pieces that transform a house into a home.” Pinedo’s passion for sustainability stems from his childhood in a small Mexican village built on independently sourced food, building materials, and clothing.

    Cisco Home now has a vast range of home decor, fabric, and furniture products to help customers outfit their homes with the earth in mind. Today, the brand has five collections: Cisco Casual, Cisco Modern, Cisco Formal, Cisco Essentials, and Cisco Lighting. Every Cisco furniture product consists of ethically sourced, fairly traded Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood.

    modern home decor
    Cisco Home [@myciscohome]. (2021, November 30).

    The Chingona Box

    The Chingona Box is a subscription service designed to “embrace Latino culture by supporting Latinx brands.” This company offers the perfect solution to those looking to support multiple Latinx-owned businesses at once.

    After signing up with Chingona Box, you’ll receive a monthly collection of highly curated products such as snacks, decor, accessories, necklaces, and soaps. If you’re eager to try the service, you can order one of Chingona’s Sample Boxes for $15-$40. If you’re seeking the perfect Hispanic Heritage Month gift, buy the 2022 Frida Kahlo Artesenal bundle for exclusive Frida-themed items.

    gift box with Frida Kahlo
    Chingona Box [@chingonabox]. (2022, February 8).

    Birch & Bone

    Birch & Bone was founded in 2015 by award-winning floral designer Amelia Posada. The brand aims to brighten spaces and events with vibrant botanical installations. Posada works from her studio in downtown Los Angeles to create curated floral arrangements, candles, and subscription boxes.

    If you opt for a Birch & Bone subscription, you’ll receive a stunning fresh floral arrangement every week for a month. Posada designs the monthly subscription orders with a seasonal color palette and whimsical aesthetic. Birch & Bone also offers holiday products like dried autumn wreaths, Valentine’s wine bundles, and Mother’s Day bouquets.

    woman holding brightly colored bouquet
    Birch & Bone [@birchandbone]. (2022, March 24).


    EnCactusar is a Los Angeles-based plant shop owned by co-founders Jackie Amezquita and Julio Torino. The shop sells a variety of cacti and succulents that make the perfect low-maintenance houseplants.

    The shop runs on an appointment-only basis, but customers worldwide can buy EnCactusar products on the brand’s Etsy shop. The online boutique offers unique ceramic planters and lovely succulents to fill them.

    pots with various cactuses and succulents
    EnCactusar [@encactusar]. (2020, September 9).

    The Juicy Leaf

    Felix Navarro founded The Juicy Leaf in 2006 to “create beautiful, sustainable succulent arrangements with his own two hands.” Today, The Juicy Leaf is a boutique plant design shop located in Southern California. It offers a unique collection of succulents and orchid arrangements planted in stunning rock designs. It has also expanded to include handmade glass, pottery, furniture, and sculptural pieces.

    If you’d like to experience Navarro’s passion for succulent design, book at Planting Party at The Juicy Leaf. These events are perfect for any occasion, allowing guests to create their own handmade terrariums and arrangements with guidance from the experts.

    succulents in pots
    The Juicy Leaf [@thejuicyleaf]. (2022, February 28).

    Luna Sundara

    Sandra Manay founded the Luna Sundara brand in 2014 after noticing a lack of Peruvian-made aromatherapy oils in the U.S. market. Today, Luna Sundara strives to improve the lives of artists in Latin America by sharing their gifts with the world. The company supports Latin American artisans, farmers, and communities by selling their handcrafted home decor, wellness, and clothing products.

    The brand also offers gift bundles perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations. The bundles include a curated set of Luna Sundara’s most popular items in sustainably packed gift boxes. Learn more about Peruvian aromatherapy and traditional Palo Santo oils here.

    peruvian incense
    Luna Sundara [@luna.sundara]. (2021, March 10).

    Final Thoughts

    Now that you’ve had the opportunity to explore some amazing Latinx-owned brands, remember to support them throughout September and beyond. If you’re ready to celebrate the month using more than just your purchasing power, check out this extensive National Hispanic Heritage Month history and events guide. You’ll learn about the significance of specific historical dates and how you can observe them all year long.

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