Fall Fixes for John and Rebecca’s Backyard

John and Rebecca Dalgety’s backyard needs updates to be more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the projects we cover in this episode include:

  • Add paver borders
  • Replace storage room door and rotten siding
  • Install new gutters and add GutterBrush leaf guards
  • Store generator in storage room

Check out the “Fast Fall Fixes” episode article for more information!


  1. Hi Danny, my wife and I are about to remove the popcorn ceilings in a house we are purchasing at the end of this month. I remember watching a show of yours, and seeing a tool you were using that allowed you to attach a bag to catch all of the material. I think it would help us out since we have about 2,600sq. Feet of it to remove, any suggestion where to find it in the Mobile, Alabama area?

    Thank you for any information you may have.


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