How To Save Flower Seeds for Planting Next Year

Dried marigold seed heads on wood board next to glass jar full of seed heads.
Marigold seed heads.

Annual summer flowers and perennials may go kaput when cold weather comes, but that doesn’t mean they’re finished for good. Once the summer flower season starts to wind down, why not save some seeds to plant next year?

Saving seeds is an easy and economical way to expand your garden, and it’s a great activity to do with kids. Here’s what you need to know to collect and save flower seeds to grow in next year’s garden.

Read on to find out more.


  1. I have poppies in my front garden that has been planted long before I moved into this house last year ( bungalow) they had a lovely show this year they were also showing well and flowering well. But lately these last week or two they have a big space in the center and fallen over to one side as though someone had fallen onto them . Did ask a grandson to try and tie them into some kind of bunch the way they were standing up before this happened but he said that he couldn’t do this as they were starting to snap. Now they don’t look so nice in this state .

  2. Sorry, but you have mis-identified these flowers. The top ones are zinnias and the other orange one is an orange cosmos. But, all these can be saved as dried seeds and they will come up as a volunteer too.


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