Do-it-yourselfers could never have enough tools for home improvements, repairs and lawn work.

That’s why tools of all shapes and sizes make great gifts, whether your loved one is a novice DIYer or practically a pro!

Here are some of the most popular tools featured in our Best New Products segments. They fit every type of DIYer and every budget, so check ’em out at your local Home Depot.

Ryobi pole saw, as as seen at The Home Depot in Mobile, Alabama

1. Ryobi’s 40-Volt, 8-inch Pole Saw

The first thing people notice about your home is its curb appeal, and guests can’t help noticing your landscaping during backyard cookouts, so having the right tools to keep trees neat and trimmed is not an option for hospitable homeowners — it’s a necessity.

But traditional pole saws leave a lot to be desired. Oh, they’ll give you the reach you need, but working the manual saw can make you quickly work up a sweat!

Ryobi’s 40-Volt, 8-inch Pole Saw’s got the kind of gas-like power you want in a quiet, affordable tool.

Its 8-inch bar saw is perfect for cutting limbs up to 6 inches thick, and you can reach up 9.5 feet with the included extension shaft.

The angled trimming head gives you better control and more precise cuts while an automatic lubrication feature keeps the chain well-oiled — and maintained — during use.

Watch the video to see it in action!

The Toro PowerJet F700 Electric Leaf Blower has the highest CFM rating of any corded blower.

2. Toro’s PowerJet F700 Electric Leaf Blower

Every walkway, driveway, carport and patio need a good once-over with a leaf blower before guests pay a visit.

But not all leaf blowers are created equal, and if you want the job done fast, you need the tool with the most power. 

That’s why Toro’s PowerJet F700 Electric Leaf Blower makes such a great gift. When it comes to blowers, you need to judge them based on the volume of air they move, which is measured in cubic feet per minute. And this leaf blower has the highest CFM rating of any corded blower, moving 725 cubic feet of air per minute at up to 140 mph.

Moving air at that speed and volume can help you move heavy, wet leaves — which is no easy feat.

Watch the video to see it in action!

Gorilla's step ladder, as seen in The Home Depot
This flip tray is just one feature that takes an ordinary step ladder and makes it extraordinary.

3. Gorilla’s 4.5 Foot Aluminum Hybrid Ladder with Tray

Everyone needs a stable step ladder, whether you’re changing a light bulb in a ceiling fan or tackling a painting project.

But avid DIYers need some extra features to make it really user-friendly and keep them feeling productive, and that’s just what Gorilla’s 4.5 Foot Aluminum Hybrid Ladder with Tray offers!

Its steps have a wide footprint for greater stability, and the top of the ladder flips open, which increases its surface area. So, you can put a paint can there, or set individual tools, such as nails or screws, down.

And this ladder works great for small spaces because when you close it up, it’s just 4 inches wide so it can fit just about anywhere!

Watch the video to see it in action!

HUSKY’s 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Ratchet charges quickly and helps you turn nuts and bolts in tight spaces.

4. HUSKY’s 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Ratchet

Whenever you can save someone a little time and elbow grease, that’s a gift in itself — and it’s why HUSKY’s 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Ratchet makes a great Christmas present!

Ratchets are great because they let you turn a nut or bolt without constantly removing and resetting the tool. But some spaces are so tight that even a regular ratchet just can’t get the job done quickly and efficiently.

That’s no problem for this Lithium-Ion battery-powered ratchet, which turns at up to 230 revolutions per minute and can produce up to 30 foot-pounds of powered torque. It’s got a low-profile head and built-in LED lights that make seeing and working in tight areas easier than ever.

There’s a variable-speed lever for precise control and, if more torque is required, you can also use it as a manual ratchet where it can handle up to 150 foot-pounds.

Best of all? It charges in just an hour and a half and lasts for up to 240 fastener cycles per charge. So, when you need it, it’s ready — and isn’t that what every homeowner needs when they’re facing an unexpected project or repair?

Watch the video to see it in action!

Jodi Marks holds a Milwaukee Brad Nailer in a Home Depot store during a Best New Products taping.
Why we love Milwaukee’s Brad Nailer: There are no gas cartridges to buy and no compressor and hose to keep up with!

5. Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel 18ga Brad Nailer

Nail guns make all kinds of projects easier to tackle — but there’s a downside. Well, two, actually: the compressor and the hose that ties you to them can be a big hassle!

But here’s the upside: You don’t have to use a traditional nail gun. Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel 18ga Brad Nailer is powered with Milwaukee’s RedLithium batteries and sealed compressed nitrogen to drive each nail with pneumatic performance.

Best of all? It’s compact, lightweight and there are no gas cartridges to buy and no compressor and hose to keep up with. (Ah, freedom.)

Just because you lose the less user-friendly features doesn’t mean Milwaukee skimped on quality: this pneumatic nailer still has tool-free drive-depth adjustment, sequential and contact firing modes, dry-fire lockout and a tool-free jam-clearing latch.

As for firing rates, this one’s got “zero ramp-up” so you can fire nails as fast you need ’em!

Watch the video to see it in action!

Which of these tools is your favorite? Share your experiences with it in the comments!

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