Prune Trees with ‘Gas-Like Power’ Pole Saw

Jodi Marks with the Ryobi Pole Saw
Ryobi’s 40-volt lithium-ion battery offers ‘gas-like’ power for its 8-inch pole saw.

If you’ve ever pruned trees with an old-fashioned pole pruner, you know it isn’t very much fun.

The pole gives you the reach you need, but working the manual saw is a challenge and it’s a workout if you have to cut more than one or two limbs.

That’s why pros use gas-powered pole saws, but those are noisy and pricy, so Ryobi is meeting you in the middle with their  40-Volt, 8-inch Pole Saw. It features the “gas-like” power you want in a quiet, more affordable tool.

The 8-inch bar saw is ideal for cutting limbs up to 6 inches thick and with the included extension shaft you can reach up 9.5 feet.

The angled trimming head gives you better control and more precise cuts while an automatic lubrication feature keeps the chain well-oiled during use.

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

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