Easy Storage Solutions for a Small Laundry Room  

storage solutions for small laundry room
An experienced remodeling contractor can come up with all kinds of storage solutions you may not have considered for a small laundry room. (DepositPhotos)

The tight space in Tammy’s small galley laundry room makes it challenging to store things. She needs some storage solutions to make the place livable.

Tammy’s laundry room has a stacked washer and dryer unit with very little room for anything else. To complicate matters, the door swings inward, so a side-by-side washer and dryer were not an option.

The whole setup is inconvenient, and she’s just not sure how to fit everything that she needs in this small space. She’s wondering, “How do I get more space in my laundry room?” and if there are any storage solutions she may not have considered.

Our advice? There’s usually some space, here and there, that you can take advantage of for storage.

In this case, Tammy can look into affordable, adjustable shelving and cabinets that she can mount right on the wall to get items off the floor. Also, next to the washer and dryer is a good place for open shelving.

In addition, she could install a 1-by-12 shelf with melamine coating above the doorway, all the way around the room.

An experienced remodeling contractor may be able to help come up with additional storage solutions. Tammy’s local Home Builders Association should have a list of contractors that can offer inexpensive options.

When you live in a house for many years, you may be used to the status quo, and all it takes an experienced remodeling contractor to enter your home with an objective mind and suggest storage solutions you may never have even thought about.

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