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laundry room
The Harles’ laundry room after the makeover.

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Homeowners Chris and Barclay Harle
Homeowners Chris and Barclay Harle

Like most people’s laundry rooms, Chris and Barclay Harle’s was a small space that served a variety of purposes. The 45-square-foot space was used inefficiently and felt cramped and cluttered.

So, we had our work cut out for us as we revamped their laundry room to be more attractive and functional to handle the laundry of a family of four.

DIY Vs. Pros

This project was a good example of what homeowners can take on themselves and what is best left to the pros. We brought in a plumber and HVAC professional to handle a few things on our list:

  • The plumber re-routed the exposed pipes for the tankless water heater inside the wall. He also reworked the washer outlet box to bring it up to code, so it would drain properly.
  • In order for the HVAC closet to open in the hallway instead of the laundry room, professionals turned the air handler around and rearranged the wiring for the new position.
laundry room
The laundry room before the makeover.

And, here’s what we did to update the Harles’ laundry room:

  • Built a laundry hamper caddy to make sorting laundry easier.
  • Created an ironing center with a built-in ironing board.
  • Installed closed cabinets over the washer and dryer.
  • Added a bar to hang freshly laundered clothes.
  • Laid new ceramic tile flooring that looks like wood.
  • Added a counter opposite the washer and dryer for folding laundry.
  • Installed shelves above the counter and hung a custom curtain to hide them from view.
  • Painted the walls with a fresh coat of paint.
tile floors that look like wood
The new floors are ceramic tile but look like wood.

Building a Laundry Hamper Organizer

The Harles have two boys who create a lot of laundry, so we built a hamper cabinet in the corner to make sorting laundry simple and convenient. This particular cabinet can accommodate three hampers, but you can customize the design to fit your laundry room and hamper sizes.

Watch How to Make a Laundry Hamper Organizer for project details.

Also, check out Chelsea’s post Laundry Sorter How-To for a tutorial on building a sorter that looks like a dresser.


Installing a Built-In Ironing Center

To maximize space we installed an ironing center from NuTone behind the laundry room door. It folds into the wall when not in use, so it takes up zero space and is out of sight and reach from the Harles’ small children.

Watch How to Install a Built-In Ironing Board for step-by-step instructions.

built-in ironing center
The built-in ironing center saves space in a small laundry room.

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