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Today’s Homeowner Radio

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Listener Questions

Wax Buildup on Laminate Floors 
Laminate Floors
Laminate gives you the look of hardwood flooring.
Terri’s laminate flooring has a waxy buildup that she’s having a hard time getting rid of. Terri should check with the manufacturer of any product she put on the floor prior to the waxy buildup.  One option is cleaning the floors with alcohol, or she could try some white vinegar with a non-abrasive brush.  

Storage Solutions for a Laundry Room  
Turquoise laundry baskets stored in cubbies
Give your laundry baskets a place to live when not in use.
Tammy is considering selling her home but says storage is definitely an issue. Tammy tells us her laundry room has a stacked washer and dryer with very little room for anything else. Tammy can look into adjustable shelving and wall cabinets that she can mount to get items off the floor.  Also, next to the washer and dryer is a good place for shelving. An experienced remodeling contractor may be able to help come up with a simple alternative for her laundry room. Additionally, her local home builders association should have a list of contractors that can offer an inexpensive option for her house.

Monique Allen Interview: Landscaping Expert and Author

Monique Allen
Monique Allen
This week we spoke with an award-winning landscaping expert, author, and businesswoman Monique Allen. Monique spent 35 years as a gardener, designer, contractor and is the founder and creative director of “The Garden Continuum” gardening company. In addition to 35 years in the business, Monique is also an accomplished business coach, industry blogger, and just completed her first full-length book “Stop Landscaping, Start LifeScaping.”

Simple Solution

empty bottle used to create a greenhouse
Use a bottle to create a greenhouse (
Protect garden seedlings from spring frost by creating a mini greenhouse from an empty soda bottle. Simply use a utility knife to slice off the bottom of the bottle, then place it over the seedling. 
power tool
Keep tabs on your cordless power tool batteries.
Color-Coded Cordless Tool Guide

If you’re having trouble matching batteries to their chargers, try this trick!

 Best New Products

Humidity-sensing bathroom exhaust fan Adjust Humidity in your Home Automatically If there’s someone in your house who always forgets to turn on the bath vent fan before they shower, you know what steamy mess that makes. You may not know that condensation leads to mold, mildew and other problems in your bathroom. The Dew Stop Condensation Fan Control automatically turns your bathroom fan on when moisture is present and off when dry. 

Products Mentioned

Bona DalTile Dew Stop Goo-Gone  


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