Kitchen Tile Drying Time

Here’s a question from our 7/13/2019 Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Ben from Missouri says, “We’re renovating our kitchen a little at the time because it’s hard for our family to be without it for very long. We have four kids under 14. So far, we’ve managed to keep the big jobs to a day or so. We replaced the counters in one long Saturday and we’ve painted the cabinets one section at a time. The thing that has us stumped is the floors. How can we lay tile and grout it without losing 2 or three days to drying time?”

We tell Ben we’re always fighting drying time on our projects for the TV show because we only have a few days with each homeowner to complete their projects. The key is planning the work and choosing the right products. Be sure you have everything you need before you begin. Buy the trowel and the grout float and reserve a wet saw at the rental center. Don’t forget the knee pads either… you’ll thank me later. Next, choose materials with short dry times. Custom Building Products makes a thin-set mix called “SpeedSet” that can be grouted in as little as three hours after the tile is installed. Their Prism Ultimate Performance Cement Grout is designed to cure quickly too, forming high early strength for dense grout joints. That means it’s walkable in about 4 hours. And it’s highly stain-resistant and easy to use. It might be another long Saturday… but depending on the size of your kitchen and your stamina…. you could get done in one day.

Listen above for the segment!


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