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With extra features and precision controls, high-end kitchen appliances can turn a basic necessity into a joy. You’ll find refrigerators that keep your food fresher for longer, ovens and cooktops that perfect your meals, and dishwashers that accommodate large and delicate items.

The extra attention high-end brands pay to aesthetics means their appliances also make an impressive focal point for your kitchen.

    Finding Luxury Kitchen Appliances That Meet Your Needs

    High-end appliances incorporate modern technology to give you better results with less effort. Cooking appliances are where these extra features really shine. State-of-the-art ovens offer a selection of specialized cooking modes that help you prepare professional-level dishes almost on autopilot.

    You’ll find modes for tender, juicy steaks and roasts, for breads and pizzas with crispy crusts, and for flavorful dried fruits and herbs. Many luxury cooktops offer precision control at low temperatures for simmering and at high temperatures for searing.

    In refrigerators, advanced features are aimed at regulating temperature and humidity levels to preserve the quality and flavor of your foods. High-end dishwashers are often more spacious than lower-end models, include adjustable shelves that accommodate a wider range of dishes, and offer special settings such as high-temperature sanitization cycles.

    Options for customization are another factor that sets high-end appliance kitchen brands apart, particularly with cooking appliances. You’ll have a broader selection of colors, finishes and trims, and some manufacturers let you choose the layout of your cooktop.

    High-End Appliance Brands to Watch


    Originally started as a personal experiment, Subzero launched as a company in 1945 and has expanded its product line to include built-in refrigerators, undercounter refrigeration, and wine storage products still made in their Wisconsin and Arizona facilities.

    The company’s refrigerators use separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer to optimize temperatures in both spaces. The Classic series refrigerators offer a traditional look, Designer series models are made to blend in, and the Pro series models combine many Classic features with a more streamlined form.

    Subzero’s Wolf brand, known for its red knobs, offers ranges, built-in ovens, cooktops, and other cooking appliances designed for sophisticated simplicity. The M Series wall ovens feature Dual VertiCross convection for more even cooking and offer 10 cooking modes. Subzero’s Cove brand produces the only dishwasher with two pumps and two motors to keep intake and discharge water separate.


    Founded in Germany in 1899, Miele has grown to become one of the world’s leading high-end kitchen appliance brands. The company specializes in built-in appliances, including ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and coffee makers, and produces a range of related accessories.

    Miele’s appliances are designed for easy use, with features intended to reduce distractions and limit interruptions. In their cooking appliances, Moisture Plus technology adds moisture for optimal results, TasteControl prevents overcooking, and Intelligent MasterChef automatic programs take the fuss out of selecting settings. In their refrigerators, DynaCool fan technology and the DailyFresh slider on the vegetable drawer help ensure even temperatures and humidity.

    Nearly all Miele’s appliances are built in their own factories and tested for up to 20 years of use. Aesthetically, they’re designed for simple, timeless elegance with enough color options to suit most interiors.

    Viking Range

    Known as one of the most reliable high-end kitchen appliance brands, Viking offers an expansive line of cooking appliances, refrigerators, and outdoor refrigeration products.

    Their gas cooking appliances are their most popular products, in large part due to their highly responsive flame. VariSimmer cooktop technology makes it easy to control low heat settings for simmering and melting, and Rapid Ready Preheat on the dual-fuel 5 and 7 Series ranges gets your oven up to temperature fast.

    Viking refrigerators use Bluezone Fresh Preservation technology to control odors and remove ethylene gas, extending the shelf life of your food. Dishwashers boast Turbo Fan Dry technology, which circulates air for faster drying.


    This high-end kitchen appliance brand traces its origins back to the metalworks established in 1683 in Gaggenau, Germany. Now owned by Bosch-Siemens, the brand began producing stoves in 1908 and has expanded to ranges, cooktops, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

    Hand craftsmanship is a point of pride for the company. Each product is almost entirely hand-assembled and closely examined by a specialist at every stage. The result is high-performance, albeit pricey, professional-grade home appliances.

    Gaggenau ovens offer 17 different modes for everything from quick meal prep to a long, low simmer. Their recent additions include the glass ceramic surfaces of the 200 Series cooktops and the 400 Series combi-steam ovens, which offer more precise temperature and humidity control.

    La Cornue

    Often called the Rolls Royce of ranges, La Cornue’s flagship Château range is renown for both performance and beauty. The company also produces the Château Suprême, developed by designer Ferris Rafauli, and the simpler and more affordable CornuFé range.

    Founder Albert Dupuy established his company in 1908 with his signature vaulted oven designed for home use, and the tradition continues with the G4 vaulted ovens, patented in 2014. La Cornue’s ranges are built to order and hand assembled by a single craftsperson with specialist inspections along the way.

    The ranges’ classic yet striking aesthetic is well suited to historical homes and makes them a distinctive focal point in any kitchen. They’re some of the most customizable appliances on the market, with 8,000 possible combinations of measurements, colors, and finishes. Even custom colors are possible. The Build Your Own option lets you choose your model, cooktop arrangement, color, and trim.

    Fisher & Paykel

    Operating since 1934, Fisher & Paykel manufactures ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, wine coolers, outdoor grills, and dishwashers meant to be flexible enough to meet the average user’s everyday needs.

    Their refrigerators are particularly popular with those who want a tailored look. Models in the Contemporary Style line express a subdued elegance, while models in the Integrated Style line can be designed to match your cabinetry. Refrigerators with ActiveSmart Foodcare technology learn your habits and use this information to adjust the refrigerator’s temperature, airflow, and humidity.

    Ovens are designed with functions for quick weekday meals as well as more elaborate dishes. Series 7 ovens include ActiveVent technology for optimized moisture levels and AeroTech for even heat distribution. Electric ranges include a Roast mode for juicy meat dishes and AeroPastry for perfect baked goods and dried fruits.


    Producing high-end kitchen appliances since 1965 and now a subsidiary of Samsung, Dacor specializes in dual fuel ranges, wall ovens, and gas cooktops, although they also offer refrigerators and dishwashers. The popular Heritage Collection, made for high-volume cooking, combines a classic appearance with modern cooking technology.

    Their SimmerSear burners allow for precise temperature controls at both high and low temperatures. Their ovens use a 3- or 4-part convection system and a Pure Convection system for even heat distribution.

    The Convection Bake makes perfect crusts, the Butterfly Bake Element radiates heat more evenly for dishes such as custards and cheesecakes, the infrared gas broiler helps with optimal browning and searing, and the Steam-Assist function can cook juicy meats with a crispy exterior.

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