Recycled Designer Glass Sinks

Alchemy Glass & Light sink made from reclaimed glass.
Alchemy Glass & Light sink made from reclaimed glass.

Several of the sinks designed by artist Steve Weinstock for the Celestial Series from Alchemy Glass & Light feature reclaimed glass shards arranged in a mosaic pattern and embedded in 3/4” thick glass.

The collection features 18 different patterns available in 15” or 18” diameters. Each sink is an original and unique work of art. Visit Alchemy to find a showroom near you.


  1. Today, March 18th, I caught the end of your segment on roll-out screens on the Weather Channel. I can’t seem to find reference to those screens on your website. Could you send me the name of the manufacturer or where I can get more information. I winter in south Texas and the wind (like today’s 40mph)tends to blow out the existing screeening on my porch. This roll out screening you showed looks like I could roll it out of the way for severe winds and yet have it avialible for those times when the winds are less than gale force. Thanks.


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