Cutting Insulation

To cut insulation squarely and accurately use a utility knife with snap off blade. Extend the blade all the way out and lock it. The resulting 3″- 4″ blade will make it easier to cut through thick batts of insulation.

  1. Position the insulation on a piece of scrap plywood where you want to cut it.
  2. Lay the straight edge of a piece of wood across the insulation.
  3. Kneel on one end of the insulation to compress it and run the blade down the edge of the wood for a nice square cut.

Remember, to keep the fibers from irritating your skin wear a long sleeved shirt, pants, gloves, dust mask and safety glasses.


  1. Sir.
    How can one get all they need to foam insulate between the rafters? Could you please help me with product advice and equipment. I am a do it yourself type of guy.
    Thank you for listing

  2. Thanks so much for the video. Simple easy tips shown in the video will hopefully make it so much quicker and help me to do a better job.


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