This Side Up: Installing Insulation Correctly

Picking the right face is essential with fiberglass insulation that has a vapor barrier facing.

The facing contains a thin layer of asphalt, which acts as a vapor barrier to block moisture. It can also be made with Kraft paper or foil attached on one side.

Properly insulated homes not only keep your family comfortable but also help with your home’s energy efficiency. Adding insulation, especially in your attic, can save up to $200 per year on your home’s annual energy bills!

Best Side Forward

It should always face the warm-in-winter side. use faced insulation with the paper facing toward the heated living space. Thus, in cold climates, it should face the interior; in hot humid climates, it should face the exterior.

Also, be sure to cut the insulation batts to fit in the space between the ceiling joists.

Problems with Wrong Side

If insulation with a vapor barrier is installed on the wrong side, moisture will be trapped inside wall cavities causing condensation to accumulate.

This results in a musty smell, and eventually will cause wood to rot; it could even promote a serious mold problem.

The Fix

Have you already installed installation wrong side up? Remove it immediately, and inspect the subsurface for moisture or mold before reinstalling or replacing it.

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