Refrigerant color codes are useful for us to recognize the type of gas that is stored in the cylinders. The name of the gas are usually labelled on the cylinders as an added aid so that we will not make any mistakes in recognizing them. Putting the wrong gas into our air conditioning systems can damage the compressors.

Take note that in the future, all CFCs and HCFCs will eventually be phased out due to their effect on the ozone layers.

In an effort to reduce confusion over the color codes of all refrigerant containers, the AHRI has announced that all refrigerant will be using the same color code which is light grey/green based on the RAL 7044 Color Code by the year 2020. Hence, the identification by then will be by product markings and labels instead of by color codes as practiced now.


NumberOld Cylinder
Refrig. NameApplication
and rotary
R-13Light BlueMonochlorotrifluoromethaneUsed in low
stage of
cascade systems
R-13B1CoralBromotrifluoromethaneLow to Medium
R-113PurpleTrichlorotrifluoroethaneLow capacity
R-114Dark BlueDichlorotetrafluoroethaneHigh capacity
R-500YellowRefrig. 152A/12Industrial and
R-502Light PurpleRefrig. 22/115Reciprocating and
rotary equipments
R-503AquamarineRefrig. 23/13Low temperature


NumberOld Cylinder
Refrig. NameApplication
R-22Light GreenMonochlorodifluoromethaneResidential, commercial
and industrial
R-123Light GrayDichlorotrifluoroethaneR-11 replacement for
centrifugal chillers
R-124Deep GreenChlorotetrafluoroethaneMedium pressure chillers
R-401ACoral RedR-22 + R-152a + R-124Medium temperature systems
R-401BMustard YellowR-22 + R-152a + R-124Transport refrigeration,
domestic refrigerators
R-402ALight BrownR-22 + R-125 + R-290Ice machine, vending,
supermarket and food service
R-402BGreen BrownR-22 + R-125 + R-290Supermarket, food service
and transport


NumberOld Cylinder
Refrig. NameApplication
R-23Light GrayTrifluoromethaneLow temperature refrigerant
R-134aLight Sky BlueTetrafluoroethaneAutomotive industry and refrigeration systems
R-404AOrangeR-125 + R-143a + R-134aMedium and low temperature
R-407CChocolate BrownR-32 + R-125 + R-134aR-22 Replacement
R-410ARoseR-32 + R-125Replacement for residential air conditioning
R-507Light BrownRefrig. 125/143aReplacement for low-temp commercial refrig.
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