5 Tips to Prepare Your RV for a Road Trip

RV caravan
Roaming the open road and enjoying some adventures is relaxing. But first, make sure your RV is ready for the road.

For summer fun, there’s nothing like taking the RV on the road and enjoying some adventures.

But before you hit the road, make sure the vehicle is safe to drive and comfortable for the big trip.

Here are 5 tips to prepare the RV:

Dirty dishes put a damper on what should be a relaxing road trip. Clean them before you hit the road.

1. Clean everything.

For the optimal experience, your RV should be as clean and comfortable as a hotel room.
Staring at a stack of dirty dishes won’t make you feel like a guest in your mobile lodging, so go ahead and clean the dishes.

While you’re at it, clean the bathroom with Wet & Forget Shower and stock it with enough toiletries to last the entire trip. Wet & Forget is a no-scrub weekly shower spray that cleans and prevents the build-up of soap scum, grime and oils.

Finally, clean the RV’s exterior with Wet & Forget Outdoor,. which eliminates mold, mildew, moss, lichen and algae.
Wet & Forget Outdoor requires no scrubbing, no rinsing and no pressure washing. It goes to work with the wind and rain to gently eliminate unsightly and tough growths over time.

New Tires For RV Camper Van
Check your RV’s tire pressure before the big trip. (DepositPhotos)

2. Check the vitals.

A clean RV is no good if it doesn’t get you where you’re going, so check all the vehicle’s ‘vitals’ and make some preparations just in case something goes wrong.

Check the batteries and tire pressure to make sure there are no issues, and make sure you have some spare tires.
The last thing you need is to be hundreds of miles from home and get a flat tire with no backups.


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