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Hello, 2019: We are on a road through a new year with new projects ahead of us and lingering renovations behind us.

Also, Along with the rain comes a noisy downspout for a Washington homeowner. And, throughout the seasons a portion of a home in Maine is rising and sinking.

Plus, Joe has a simple solution that will save you some money next time you’re in the market for paint rollers.

Listener Questions

Ceiling Leak Near the Fireplace
Alice from Rhode Island – “Wondering if you can help me with advice on fixing a ceiling leak that is coming from my fireplace chimney. Have had it looked at and one contractor says he can install new flashing, repair cracks and repoint now. Another says you cannot do this work effectively when it’s less than 50 F. Will the repairs hold as long when done in cold weather?”

Noisy Downspout
Gary from Washington – “The downspout next to our master bedroom is very noisy when rain runoff is pouring down it. I install Gutter Brushes in the gutter and that quieted the drips from the roof into the gutter. Temporarily the downspout is propped away from the house.”

Portion of the House is Rising and Sinking
Andy from Maine – “The center portion of the house rises and sinks throughout the year. Part of the year I have a quarter inch gap around the stairwell. Then that closes right up and opens back up. Is there anything can do about that? Is there a product that would expand and contract with the season so I can close those gaps up?

Rotting Soffit Boards
Andy from Alabama – “We have some rotting soffit boards. Would you recommend going back with original (I think it’s fir panels), replace with Hardy boards, or switch to vinyl all the way around the house?”

Simple Solutions

Recycling Christmas Trees — Rent a chipper/shredder—share cost with neighbors—and use it to shred the trees into mulch to spread around gardens and flowerbeds.

Making Mini Paint Rollers — When rolling paint onto narrow spaces and small objects, it’s best to use a 3-in. paint roller. The problem is that 3-in. roller sleeves cost about $2 apiece. However, you can make your own.

Best New Products

Food Management with the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Family life can get chaotic pretty quickly so organizing activities, shopping and schedules is an important part of daily life. The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is designed to help you manage all those things.

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