Who said you have to overhaul your home’s interior design to make it contemporary and stylish?

    And who said that if a room in your home feels a little off, you must invest in costly improvements?

    The truth is that small changes can completely transform a home. Make a space feel like your home by surrounding it with things that bring you joy. Here are 10 interior design tweaks that can significantly change the look and feel of your home.

    1. Add Texture

    Adding texture through soft furnishings is an easy and affordable way to change the look and feel of a room. Throws, pillows, rugs, and wall hangings introduce visual interest and create a welcoming atmosphere. Go for a variety of textures like faux fur, cotton, linen, velvet, or knitted fabrics. Layer rugs over carpets or hardwood. Hang macramé wall hangings or tapestries. The options are endless for adding cozy texture.

    If you don’t like the feel of your bedroom, add items with soft texture, such as a faux fur rug on the floor, satin throw pillows on the bed and chairs, and macramé and tapestries on the walls. These items will make your room ideal for relaxation.

    If your current living room is uncomfortable, add luxurious curtains and area rugs, and keep soft throws on couches and chairs. Do not worry about matching, especially with the throws — variety is the spice of life, and ‘matchy-matchy’ would be boring!

    Of course, you can add more than soft items. Just like backyards thrive with a mix of landscaping and hardscaping, interior rooms feel balanced with a blend of fabric, metals, and wood.

    Did you know there is a whole Scandinavian movement that focuses on texture and hospitality in interior design? Learn more about cozy hygge decor here.

    2. Install More Lighting

    Proper lighting can make or break a home. Dark, gloomy spaces feel uninviting, while rooms filled with light feel fresh and airy. If you are planning to buy a home, or you have just bought one, you may have discovered that the previous owner did not share your style for home lighting. Whether you are facing outdated light fixtures or a lack of ambient lighting, there is always an affordable solution.

    Upgrade lighting with new fixtures, lamp shades, bulbs, and positioning. Add accent lighting like pendant lights above islands or eating areas. Install task lighting where needed, like above a desk. Maximize natural light with large windows and skylights or by removing heavy window treatments. Smart lighting balances ambient, task, and accent lighting for functionality and visual appeal.

    I recommend replacing old fixtures with modern ones. If you choose not to replace the fixtures, paint them instead. A fresh coat of paint will give them a new look. 

    You could install pendant lights, task lighting, and under-cabinet lighting to enjoy a nice mix.

    And do not forget about natural light — open curtains and blinds during the day and make the most of ‘free’ lighting and its unique qualities.

    3. Paint the Doors

    Painting doors is an easy weekend project with a big impact. A fresh coat of paint is affordable and transforms the look of doors. Go bold with a fun, bright color on the front door, or try white for a crisp, clean look. 

    Painting the front door not only improves your home’s curb appeal but it also makes your home feel warmer and more welcoming to guests. Especially if it is an unexpected color, like red. The front door sets the tone for your home’s first impression. Be sure to use exterior-rated paint.

    For interior doors, I recommend picking a color from your home’s palette or choosing a contrasting hue.  Let your personality and creativity shine through with a newly painted door.

    Follow these tips for your next paint project.

    4. Update Hardware and Fixtures

    Hardware has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a home. It is an easy DIY project that can modernize the look of your home. 

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    Evaluate handles, knobs, pulls, and fixtures to determine which updates will make the biggest impact. Over time, door handles, drawer pulls, faucets, and other hardware fixtures can start to look dull, dirty, or dated. Replacing these affordable details gives your home an instant facelift and showcases your style.

    Swap out tired old hardware for new modern pieces for a refreshed style. Go for brushed nickel, black, brass, or unexpectedly bold colors for a contemporary look. Ensure new hardware fits your home’s existing finishes, such as stainless steel appliances or bronze lighting fixtures. 

    For major bathroom and kitchen renovations, splurge on high-end fixture pieces that will stand the test of time. Improper installation can lead to loose hardware or damage, so consider watching tutorials before replacing fixtures or hiring a professional 

    From the front door handle to the kitchen faucet, the right hardware completes a home’s decor.

    5. Add Greenery and Plants

    Houseplants bring life and freshness to indoor spaces. When chosen wisely, they are easy to care for and provide health benefits. Consider the following when picking plants.

    Nothing warms up a home faster than fresh greenery and plants. You would be surprised what a difference a few potted plants can make in an otherwise sterile environment.

    room with interesting greenery and vertical visual design

    Greenery brings life to a space. Place larger statement trees or leafy plants in corners. I recommend placing medium pots of succulents on tables and allowing ivy or philodendrons to trail down from high shelves. Add a pop of color with seasonal blooms like poinsettias or chrysanthemums.

    Caring for houseplants also provides a sense of purpose and routine. Spending just a few minutes watering each day allows you to slow down and appreciate your surroundings.

    6. Display Artwork

    Artwork adds visual interest while showcasing what you love. Build a gallery wall or salon-style display for a significant impact. Cluster framed pieces over a sofa, buffet, or console table. Mix media like photography, paintings, mirrors, and prints. I recommend updating artwork seasonally or when your tastes change. 

    Display special memories and moments with framed photos, children’s artwork, and travel souvenirs. Introduce color with bold graphic prints, nature-inspired subjects, or abstract pieces. Sculptures, tapestries, and macramé hangings add texture and dimension.

    Your choice of wall decor defines your home’s style and personality. Find pieces that inspire you or reflect your interests. 

    7. Add Mirrors

    Mirrors make spaces feel brighter and bigger. Hang floor mirrors to add height and draw the eye up. Place mirror tiles in patterns as a backsplash. Use stand-alone mirrors to accent walls or furniture, and check placement to avoid reflecting unattractive views. The reflective quality of mirrors reflects light and style.

    Strategically placed mirrors enhance natural lighting and visually expand smaller spaces. Use large leaning mirrors in hallways or small round mirrors in entryways.

    Hang beautiful ornate mirrors for timeless allure. Opt for unexpected shapes like ovals, diamonds, or octagons. Consider beveled edges for added dimension. 

    8. Update Windows

    Nothing updates the look of a room faster than new window treatments. Swap out tired curtains and blinds for fresh, stylish options that complement your home’s decor.

    For a soft, feminine vibe, try fluttering sheers or linen curtains. Opt for rich velvet drapes in bold colors like emerald or sapphire. Clean-lined Roman shades and sleek wood blinds have a tailored sensibility.

    Mix textures and layer different window treatments for extra dimension. Floor-length curtains maintain privacy while sheers filter light. Wood blinds streamline the view, while silk drapes add softness. Thoughtful window treatments enhance and complete a room.

    9. Refresh Walls with Paint

    A quick splash of paint can transform the vibe of a room. Apply a fresh coat of paint to walls, trim, cabinets, or ceilings for an instant style upgrade. Neutral creams, grays, and whites open up a space, while bold colors make it pop.

    Beyond standard paint, consider finishes with texture and depth, like Venetian plaster, mica flakes, or glazes. Try painting patterns like stripes, geometrics, or subtle ombré. Painting allows you to fully customize the backdrop of your home.

    From entire rooms to small accents, paint provides an affordable way to refresh your home’s style. Test out samples before committing to ensure colors complement your furnishings and decor. Proper prep prevents problems – fill holes, clean, sand glossy areas, caulk, and prime before painting. Roll in sections, cutting in edges with an angled brush.

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    10. Rearrange and Reorganize Furniture

    Shifting around furniture layouts and storage refreshes your home. A simple rearrangement creates a visual impact.

    Clear clutter and keep only beloved items. Organize cabinets, closets, pantries, and dressers so everything has a designated space. Toss or donate unused items to make room for new finds. This process creates a clean slate to redesign the room.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    After purging unused items, play with furniture placement and style. Float sofas away from walls or angles for conversation. Separate eating, cooking, and media spaces. Place accent chairs near windows and create intimate nooks or open sightlines. I recommend playing with a thoughtful layout that suits your lifestyle.

    So, Is Transforming Your Home’s Look and Feel Achievable?

    Yes, completely transforming the style and feel of your home is very achievable, even on a modest budget! Small design upgrades like new throw pillows, cute planters, stylish handles, and a fresh coat of paint can make a space look and feel brand new. 

    Don’t feel like you need to overhaul everything at once, either. Try making one small, inexpensive tweak per room over time and see your home gradually evolve. Some projects, like installing new lighting or window treatments, do require a larger up-front investment. However, you will find the new ambiance and functionality pays off in enhancing your family’s daily life. With an open mind, a willingness to experiment, and a little elbow grease, you can craft a home that reflects your personality.

    FAQs About Transforming Your Home's Style

    What are affordable ways to change the style of my home?

    Some budget-friendly ways to transform your home’s style include adding throw pillows, painting walls, displaying artwork, rearranging furniture, replacing hardware, adding decorations, hanging new curtains, and decluttering an area.

    How can I make my home feel cozier?

    Add soft and textured fabrics like blankets and pillows. Occasionally, light candles and dim lights in the evenings. I recommend keeping a fire going on colder days and playing soft background music.

    What paint colors help make a house feel more homey?

    Some paint colors that help make a house feel homier include earthy neutrals like cream, tan, brown, slate, and blue-gray. Soft pastels include safe green, buttery yellow, or Robin’s egg blue. If you’re interested in rich colors, opt for navy, emerald, eggplant, and mustard. A timeless home features white and off-whites like alabaster or pearl.

    How do I decorate my home to reflect my personality?

    Display your favorite photos and memorabilia, and choose your favorite colors for walls or accent details. Showcase meaningful souvenirs from travels, and hang artwork that makes you happy. Display books that feature your interest.

    What are quick ways to update a house on a budget?

    Add a fresh coat of paint, or get new throw pillows and an area rug. Update lighting with unique lamp shades or bulbs and display new decorative items like candles, vases, and trays.

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