7 Ways to Make Your House Feel Like Home

Living room couch with throw pillows and a cat sitting on the console table
Use interior design to make your home comfortable and special.

Who said you have to overhaul your home’s interior design to make it contemporary and stylish?

And who said that if a room in your home feels a little off, you must invest in costly improvements?

The truth is that small changes can completely transform a home!

Here are eight interior design tweaks that can significantly change the look and feel of your home.

Go ahead and try out some — if not all — of them.

Cozy living room with big, thick throw, decorative pillows and plush teddy bears on the couch. The room also has canvas wall art above the couch on the wall, and a floor lamp.
Don’t you want to just curl up on this couch? It’s because of all the texture. (DepositPhotos)

1. Add Texture

If you don’t like the feel of your bedroom, add items with soft texture such as a faux fur rug on the floor, satin throw pillows on the bed and chairs, and macramé and tapestries on the walls. These items will make your room ideal for rest and relaxation.

If your living room is uncomfortable, add luxurious curtains and area rugs, and keep soft throws on couches and chairs. Don’t worry about matching, especially with the throws — variety is the spice of life and ‘matchy-matchy’ would be boring!

Of course, you can add more than soft items — just like backyards thrive with a mix of landscaping and hardscaping, interior rooms feel balanced with a blend of fabric, metals and wood.

Did you know a whole Scandinavian movement focuses on texture and hospitality in interior design? Learn more about hygge here.

Pendant lights hanging over breakfast bar and chandelier hanging over dining table
Having multiple light sources makes your kitchen user-friendly and enhances its ambiance.

2. Install More Lighting

If you’re planning to buy a home, or you’ve just bought one, you may have discovered that the previous owner didn’t share your style for home lighting.

Whether you’re facing outdated light fixtures or a lack of ambient lighting, there’s always an affordable solution.

You could replace old fixtures with modern ones, or just paint the ones you have to give them a new look.

You could install pendant lights, task lighting and under-cabinet lighting to enjoy a nice mix.

And don’t forget about natural light — open curtains and blinds during the day and make the most of ‘free’ lighting and its unique qualities.

Blue French doors leading to the patio
Great interior design isn’t cookie-cutter — so go ahead. Paint those French doors! (DepositPhotos)

3. Paint the Doors

If you rented before buying your home, you probably couldn’t change much about the unit. But that changes with homeownership!

Painting the front door not only improves your home’s curb appeal, but it also makes your home feel warmer and more welcoming to guests. Especially if it’s an unexpected color, like red.

As for interior doors, painting them distinctive colors will give your home some character and show off your style.

And isn’t that one of the reasons why you own a home: because you can do whatever you want to it? Giving it a unique appearance is a great way to truly feel like you’re in your own home, where you make all the decisions!


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