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To plan her kitchen renovation, First Time Homeowner Chelsea Lipford used the interactive design tool on the Merillat website. Steps in the online design process included:

  • Finding inspiration
  • Selecting door styles and finishes
  • Choosing organization and accessories
  • Planning the kitchen space
  • Adding finishing touches

First Time Homeowner kitchen before renovation.
First Time Homeowner kitchen before renovation.

Before renovation could begin, the old cabinets and appliances were removed, making sure the power and gas were turned off first.

Kitchen Wall Removal

The wall between the kitchen and sunroom was removed to open up the small space. When removing an interior wall, it’s important first to determine if the wall is load bearing. If it is, temporary supports needs to be provided before the wall can be removed. See our video on Removing a Load Bearing Wall to find out more.

Removing the wall between the kitchen and sun room.
Removing the wall between the kitchen and sunroom.

To allow access to the plumbing and wiring, the plaster on the remaining walls was also removed. Once the plumbing and wiring were roughed in, any holes in the wall framing were filled with expandable foam or caulking to keep insects and rodents out. To further discourage insects, borax was sprinkled in the wall stud cavities before the drywall was installed.

After the beam supporting the rafters and ceiling joists were in place, the temporary wall supports were removed and the drywall hung and finished.

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Kitchen cabinets.
Kitchen cabinets.

Chelsea chose Merillat Somerton Hill maple cabinets in a Chiffon with Desert Glaze finish for her kitchen. Venetian Bronze cabinet knobs and Oil Rubber Bronze drawer pulls were used to complement the cabinets.

Before the cabinets could be installed, level lines were established around the room to make sure everything would fit together. The larger cabinets were then put in first, followed by the smaller units. Each cabinet was attached to the wall and the adjoining cabinets with screws.

To keep the cabinets clean, the drawers and shelves were lined with Smooth Top Easy Liner from Duck brand, which can be removed and machine washed as needed.

Quartz countertop.
Quartz countertop.

Beadboard paneling was installed on the walls of the sunroom and painted the same color as the kitchen cabinets to help blend the two rooms together.

Chelsea selected Sand Staccato quartz countertops by DeNova for her kitchen. This engineered material consists of natural quartz combined with polymer resins and colored pigments to create a nonporous surface that is mold, mildew, and stain-resistant. Unlike granite, DeNova quartz countertops never needs sealing and are less likely to chip.

The backsplash for the countertops was Capri Subway Tile in Limestone by Shaw Floors.

Kitchen Fixtures and Accessories

The Kohler cast iron Whitehaven sink and oil-rubbed bronze Vinnata faucet add a touch of elegance to the kitchen, while the Broan Elite Range Hood over the stove is both quiet and energy-efficient.

Completed First Time Homeowner kitchen renovation.
Completed First Time Homeowner kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Floor

For the kitchen floor, Chelsea selected Brushstone 18” x 18” porcelain tile in Mohave from Shaw Floors.

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