Repurposing Furniture as a Potting Bench

potting bench

Recycling an old piece of furniture is a great way to create a potting bench because it is often less expensive and requires less work than starting from scratch. Here’s how to convert an entertainment center into a potting bench:

  1. To make planting in larger pots easier, cut out the center portion of the top so it can be lowered. Use a circular saw to make cuts from front to back just inside the vertical supports on either side of the center.
  2. Cut off the center vertical support at the lower height where you want to relocate the work surface. You may have to finish these cuts with a hand saw or oscillating saw as we did, in order to get into tight corners.
  3. Once the top is free, remove the upper portion of the center vertical support that remains attached to the top.
  4. After some test fitting, notch the trim as needed.
  5. Add support cleats to the vertical sections on either side so you can install the center section of top at the new lower level.
  6. Secure the top to the cleats using finishing nails.
  7. Re-attach the back to the new lower section of top.
  8. Add screw-in furniture feet to raise the unit off the floor.
  9. Prime and paint the whole piece of furniture.

Watch the video for details.


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