‘Learn From My Mistakes’: How Not to Refinish Your Dining Table

Checking In With Chelsea is a seasoned DIYer, but projects sometimes take unexpected — and downright ugly — turns. And she wants you to know that’s just part of the process.

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects instill a sense of accomplishment and pride — and let’s face it, they often save us money, which is why we love them!

So when “Today’s Homeowner” TV co-host Chelsea Lipford Wolf realized her dining table was looking a little rough, she dreamed of a DIY fix.

Her plans were straightforward: She would sand off the tabletop’s paint, strip the stain, and apply new stain for a refreshed, but natural, look.

However, Chelsea soon realized something else about DIY home improvement projects: They don’t always work out as you’d expect.

And that can be downright frustrating!

But all hope is not lost when things take another direction.

Read Chelsea’s latest blog, “How Not to Refinish Your Dining Table” for the good, the bad and the downright ugly behind her latest project.

(Don’t worry; it has a happy ending!)


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