Dimensions for cabinets and furniture have been standardized over the years to fit the average size person. While you can customize furnishing to fit your own personal needs, here’s a list of commonly used dimensions to help you when planning your next project.

Upscale kitchen with gorgeous flooring and beautiful raised-panel cabinets
Raised-panel cabinets are right at home in a traditional kitchen. (DepositPhotos)

Kitchen Cabinets

  • Countertop: 25” deep x 36” high
  • Base cabinet: 24” deep x 34½” high
  • Base cabinet kick space: 3” deep x 4” high
  • Drawers: 4” high and up
  • Hanging cabinet: 12” deep x 30”- 42” high
  • Space between countertop and hanging cabinet: 18” high
  • Space between range top and hanging cabinet: 24” high
  • Distance between island and cabinets: 42” wide
  • Distance between island for walkway: 36” wide

Chelsea Lipford Wolf's master bathroom addition with blue tile walls and a wood vanity

Bathroom Vanity

  • Sink: 30” – 36” high
  • Vanity: 21”- 24” deep

Modern mirror hanging over antique console table in hall
An antique console table is a simple way to mix old and modern decor. (DepositPhotos)


  • Chair seat: 16”-18” high by 15″-18″ deep, armrest 7″-9″ above seat
  • Coffee table: 18”- 28” wide x 16”-19” high
  • Desk: 24-30” wide x 28”- 30” high
  • Desk knee hole: 26”- 28” wide
  • Dining table: 36”- 42” wide x 29”- 32” high

Antique chandelier in powder room
Want to add instant elegance to a powder room? Just add an antique chandelier. (DepositPhotos)

Chandelier Size

There are several methods of determining the proper size for a chandelier:

    • Room Size: The length and width of the room added together in feet should equal the diameter of the chandelier in inches. Example: a 12′ by 12′ room should have a 24″ diameter chandelier (12 + 12 = 24″).
  • Table Size: In a dining room, the diameter of a chandelier should be at least half the width of the table. Example: a 42″ wide table should have a 21″ minimum diameter chandelier (42″ ÷ 2 = 21″). Another method is to make the diameter of the chandelier no larger than the width of the table minus 12″. Example: a 42″ wide table should have a maximum 30″ diameter chandelier (42″ – 12″ = 30″).

Chandelier Height

The height of the chandelier is based on the ceiling height and location:

    • In Entry Hall: The lowest point of a chandelier should be a minimum of 6½’ from the floor. If possible, or with higher ceilings, hang it 7′ from the floor.
  • Over Dining Table: The bottom of a chandelier should be at least 30″ above the dining table (59″-62″ from floor). For ceilings higher than 8′, add 3″ for each additional foot of ceiling height. Example: With a 10′ ceiling, the bottom of the chandelier should be approximately 36″ above the top of the table.

Hand on mattress

Mattress Sizes

  • Single (twin): 75” long x 39” wide
  • Single (twin) extra long: 80” long x 39” wide
  • Double (full): 75” long x 54” wide
  • Queen: 80” long x 60” wide
  • King: 80” long x 76” wide
  • California King: 84” long x 72” wide
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