Clever Outdoor Furniture Design Ideas for Your Pool, Porch or Patio

Adding a deck or porch to your home increases your living space.

One of the joys of summer is celebrating outdoors with family and friends.

Birthdays, July 4th, Labor Day, or an impromptu barbecue are all great reasons for a fun party. Comfortable outdoor furniture is the key to a successful gathering.
Relax and get comfy with these outdoor furniture design ideas.

5 Current Trends in Outdoor Furniture

Many homeowners enjoy the upscale, comfortable feel of an outdoor ‘room.’ Families prefer the same comfort and style in fabric, cushions, and furniture as they have indoors.

Adding a deck or porch to your home increases your living space. Give your deck or patio a modern look with these five trendy outdoor furniture design ideas.

Fabric Colors and Patterns

Current advances in fabric technology now allow us to enjoy chic, fully upholstered furniture, outside. The current trend toward high-quality outdoor furniture has encouraged retailers to up the selection of attractive fabrics and finishes.

Color Trends

Jewel tones and neutrals are trendy — kiwi green, teal, and purple are popular. Neutral colors such as navy, brown and charcoal are also very trendy.
Pattern and print fabrics in light stripes, angular prints and curved geometrics pair well with strong solid tones.

For additional outdoor furniture color trends and tips, visit here.

Fashion Underfoot

Soft, weather-resistant floor rugs are a necessity for an outdoor living space. Outdoor rugs will also cushion tender toes, anchor a space, and add a visual boost.

Contrasting stripes or checkerboard patterns classify as up-to-the-minute modern. Painting your porch or deck flooring is another option.

Current popular deck paint shades include dark grey, dark blue, sage green, forest green, chocolate and black.

Add Fire Glow

The trend toward smaller homes has increased in the past few years. This trend creates the need for livable, functional outdoor spaces. Homeowners are stretching into outdoor rooms, complete with outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

Outdoor fireplaces are, excuse the pun, ‘hot’ right now. The warmth of a glowing fire extends the season for outdoor living. A fire also draws people in, creating a gathering spot for friends and family.

If you dream of making smores fireside, an outdoor fireplace may just be the ticket. Read more about adding an outdoor fireplace to your backyard here .

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

A comfortable breeze from an overhead ceiling fan can make an outdoor room more comfortable — spring or fall. Trendy styles include rustic, weathered or bleached finishes as well as casual, sleek styling.

Tip: Outdoor ceiling fans are designed to be moisture resistant — choose a fan that is damp-rated or wet-rated according to your needs.

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