Transforming Rust to Rich With One Simple Trick

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Try This! Fix Loose Laminate the Easy and Affordable Way

The laminate on Marj’s backsplash is beginning to peel off. There are a few options she can try to repair it!

A Sign of High Humidity Is Moisture and Mold

Rissa’s condo windows are showing signs of mold. How she can seal the area and protect those windows from moisture.

How to Get Rust off of a Light Fixture

Cathy needs advice that will help her repair a bathroom light that has started to rust. The simple task that will breathe new life into her light.

Creating Storage From a Water Heater Closet

Anne decided to remove her existing water heater and go tankless. Now she has an extra closet to use but needs help deciding what to do with the drain hole.

Before and After Kitchen Remodel

Here is a great project by Anthony Sacco. Anthony completely updated his kitchen from the floor to the ceiling, using our videos as help.

Simple Solutions

Cabinet organizer using a magazine rack

Easy Cabinet Organizer

Plastic magazine holders are perfect for storing and organizing items in the kitchen, including cutting boards, cookie sheets, pot lids and boxes of foil and plastic wrap. The holders typically measure about 4 x 10 x 12 inches, so they’ll fit into cabinets without taking up too much space.

Concealing Pin Holes

If after patching a wall or ceiling with a joint compound, you find small pinholes on the surface, you might be able to fill the tiny holes without applying more compounds. Try this instead!

Best New Products

Extra Storage Space and Style

Wire closet shelving is an efficient way to create extra storage space, but it’s not great to look at.  So, if you ever needed a reason to ditch those wire shelves – here you go. “Closet-Maid’s Style Plus Coastal Closet System” offers several versatile designs to fit any closet in your home. 

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Closet Maid



Harbor Freight Tools


  1. Heard your recommendation for cutting large branches.

    Don’t ever take a chain saw up a ladder. It’s far too dangerous. A chain saw is the most dangerous tool on the planet. Use a bow saw or long handle pruning saw.


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