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November 10, 2023

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    Bamboo flooring has been getting a lot of attention lately, and we couldn’t agree more with those who have started singing its praises. It’s an eco-friendly material that can be installed at any budget level and still look amazing in your space. The only problem is there are so many options out there that it’s hard to figure out which one will work best for you.

    Morningstar Bamboo Flooring offers high-quality bamboo flooring at competitive prices. It is one of the highest quality eco-friendly bamboo products available today, so if you want to learn more about these products, then keep reading! 

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    • Morningstar bamboo flooring is a Chinese product offered by Lumber Liquidators to provide homeowners with green alternatives for covering their floors.
    • Bamboo flooring is a natural and sustainable material. It is also beautiful, durable, and can be installed in an eco-friendly manner.
    • Morningstar bamboo flooring has a limited warranty of 25 years for its structural integrity and five years for finish wearing off.

    Product Overview and Features

    Morningstar bamboo flooring is a Chinese product offered by Lumber Liquidators to provide homeowners with green alternatives for covering their floors. It is designed to be a relatively low-cost, stylish, and sustainable way for you to cover your floor. 

    When it comes to appearance, Morningstar Bamboo Flooring is a unique and natural-looking type of floor. It has a variety of colors to choose from, as well as style options to suit your needs. It means you have a good chance of finding one that will work well with your house. 

    The shades available are whitewash, and Qing Dragon strained with various styles such as walnut, maple, and tigerwood cumaru. The flooring plank measures 38 inches long and is available at 5/8 of an inch or 33/4 inch thick.

    The Pros and Cons of Morning Star Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo flooring is a natural and sustainable material. It is also beautiful, durable, and can be installed in an eco-friendly manner. In this section, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of bamboo flooring to help you make your decision about whether or not it would be a good choice for your home. 

    Easy to maintain – The bamboo flooring is very easy to clean and does not require wax polishing, unlike some other types of hardwood floors.
    Environmentally friendly – Morningstar’s bamboo floors are made of natural material, meaning they are eco-friendly in every sense of the word. Bamboo grows quickly in just three to six years.
    Durable – This product promises a long lifespan with proper care. It comes with a 25-year warranty, and to compare, the usual lifespan of bamboo flooring is 20 to 25 years. 
    Affordable – This type of flooring is relatively cheaper than hardwood, but it still offers the same great quality.
    Delicate finish – One of the possible disadvantages is that bamboo flooring isn’t quite as scratch-resistant as other options. 
    Use of formaldehyde – There are also questions about whether or not this product contains formaldehyde (a chemical that causes headaches) in its adhesives. However, they claim their products do not contain formaldehyde.
    Requires refinishing – Bamboo flooring is not a good choice for homeowners who plan on keeping their floors in pristine condition. It needs to be refinished every so often due to its weak surface.
    Not waterproof – Bamboo flooring will not withstand humidity the way hardwoods, tile, and stone do.

    What are the Average Costs For Morning Star

    Bamboo’s natural beauty, durability, and strength make it an attractive option for homes or businesses looking for new flooring. The best part is, Morningstar bamboo is high quality at low price points. Its average cost is $2-$3 per square foot—no need to break the bank to enjoy the incomparable properties of bamboo flooring.

    Morning Star Bamboo Flooring General Installation Process

    The best way to install Morningstar bamboo flooring is not to be exposed to moisture for extended periods, which means the room should be climate-controlled. You could install it in a couple of different ways, depending on personal preference and skill levels.

    • Traditional method: This allows for floating flooring. It is where the boards are laid down and then snapped or glued together.
    • Glue Down: The other installation option for bamboo floors is to glue them down using special adhesive and tools. It creates a better seal around the boards.

    With the right tools and experience level, this flooring could be installed by homeowners. If you have never done it before or are not 100% confident in your abilities as a DIYer, hire a contractor to install these floors. 

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    When installing the flooring yourself, costs are reduced, but you have a lot more work on your hands. If you choose to hire a contractor, the installation would probably cost between $5 and $15 per square foot.

    Step 01 – Surface Preparation and Layout

    The first step to installing bamboo flooring is the preparation of the subsurface. Some of these surfaces are concrete, plywood subflooring, and lower-grade engineered wood. If you install the flooring onto these surfaces, it is important to make sure that they are completely dry and free of any dirt or moisture.

    The underlayment also needs to have the correct thickness. If the surface is not flat, it will create creases and cracks in the bamboo floor and cause uneven surfaces where dirt can build up during use. 

    Also, layout the planks. In most cases, it is recommended that you use a chalk line to create a straight layout line for easy installation. 

    Step 02 – Setting the Primary Boards at Wall Edge

    Layout all of your boards in order, from longest to shortest, so that you can make sure they align with the wall edge and expand evenly. This step includes making sure that they are all level with each other. The glue should only be applied to the first board since it will allow you to create a wall edge on one side of your flooring planks.

    Step 03 – Lay The Rest of The Rest of The Boards

    After you have laid the primary boards at your wall edge, it is time to lay the remaining boards throughout your room. To start each new row, measure out from either side of your installation and snap a chalk line across all of the boards – this will give you an accurate measurement for laying down each successive board.

    Step 04 – Secure The Installation

    Before the adhesive dries, you should tap each piece down firmly using a rubber mallet. Be sure to check and ensure that all your boards are level with one another after you finish. If they are not, this is the time that you can make any necessary adjustments.

    Step 05 – Surface Treatment and Tidying Up

    Surface treatment is not required with this product, but you can treat it if you desire. Make sure that your installation has dried completely before doing anything else in this step. 

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    After you have secured your installation, you are ready to seal. Select a floor sealant that is suitable for the finish of your bamboo flooring. Check that the packaging mentions bamboo as a suitable flooring material.

    Maintenance Tips for Morning Star Bamboo

    Morningstar bamboo flooring has a limited warranty of 25 years for its structural integrity and five years for finish wearing off. So, it is recommended to practice proper maintenance for its longevity.

    • Regularly dust mop the flooring. You can clean it regularly with a solid vacuum or with the use of dust mops as needed. 
    • Clean up spills immediately. You will want to wipe up spills and liquids right away when they happen to avoid stains.
    • Avoid using heavy-duty vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners to help prevent deep scratches.
    • Use specific cleaners designed for bamboo floors.

    Verdict: Is Morningstar Bamboo Right For Your Floor Space?

    Morningstar bamboo flooring is a good option for homeowners searching for value-priced bamboo flooring that isn’t too cost-prohibitive, making it a good choice for those on a budget. Also, Morningstar’s wide selection of colors and styles of bamboo flooring will assure you of an aesthetically pleasing floor at an affordable price. 

    However, if you’re looking for the best in terms of performance, it might not be the way to go. New alternative options include engineered and laminate flooring, which has a longer warranty. Additionally, used hardwood floors can be found at a lower price, and they would be better suited for people who live with pets.

    Get a Flooring Installation Estimate From Local Experts
    Typical Cost: $6 – $24 per sq foot

    FAQs About Morningstar Bamboo Flooring

    Who Makes Morningstar Bamboo Flooring?

    Morningstar bamboo flooring is a Chinese product and distributed by Lumber Liquidators.

    Is Morning Star Bamboo Flooring Waterproof?

    In a word, “Yes.” For most of the brands of bamboo flooring, including Morningstar, this claim is true. It can hold up water for 30 hours; however, it is not tolerant for humid conditions and moistures as previously discussed.

    Is Bamboo Flooring Good For Dogs?

    This product is not recommended for use in large spaces with a lot of dog traffic because the bamboo flooring will get scratched and damaged over time. It is advisable to use it in small areas such as bedrooms or hallways.

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