Saltillo tiling is both one of the most beautiful types of terracotta tiling on the market and one of the most difficult to style. Many people feel like saltillo tiling means you will be limited to the classic white that adorns so many Mediterranean and Spanish homes. 

White is a great color for saltillo tile, but it’s not the only one. Sometimes, you just need a splash of color to make a home look complete. So, in lieu of white, we picked out the best possible colors for your saltillo tile flooring.

1. Pastel Peach

Source: Poulin Design Center

The terracotta tones of classic saltillo tile mean that this is a great flooring to help bring out the warmth of a home. There are tons of different light peach paints that help add continuity to your home, keep things looking delightfully Spanish, and also jive with a wide range of looks.

Benjamin Moore’s 058 Pumpkin Mousse would be a good choice for this, because it’s just warm enough to be matchy-matchy without being too dark. If you want something less pink and more white, check out Pale Oats instead. The key to this look is to choose something that isn’t quite white (or off-white) but still remains fairly light in color. A little too dark, and it might look dingy.

2. Deep Turquoise

Source: Small Design Ideas

Saltillo tiling has a distinct orange tint to it, which means that you can always count on being able to use a complementary color to get that contrast you want. One of the best types of blues that you can go for is a deep turquoise, as pictured above. Turquoise has just enough yellow to give your room a cohesive look while still keeping things contrasted.

A deep turquoise looks best if you want to go for something bold, exotic, and visually striking. We suggest getting a turquoise that has a notable green undertone for a particularly stunning finish. This can be hard to find, but Valspar’s Bay Teal tends to be a good example of it.

3. Chartreuse Green

Source: Curbed Austin

Looking for a way to channel your inner retro fan? Take a hint from this chic bathroom that features green ferns on a white background. Green works wonders with most saltillo tiles—even those that are stained with different colors. 

If you love this look, stick to a chartreuse or a “grassy green” that you can pair with weathered wood. It’ll look timeless, but still midcentury modern enough to make people marvel. Valspar’s Sunny Lime is a good choice for this ambiance. 

4. Pale Yellow-Beige

Source: Natural Building Blog

If there is one thing that saltillo tile is good at, it’s adding an earthy touch of warmth to a room. So, why not add colors that help enhance that warmth? If you don’t want to work with something to visually striking (like a green or blue) you might be able to enjoy a little color without too much of an issue. All you have to do is get a golden beige instead of white.

Golden beiges are “warm neutrals” that match with almost every type of decoration style and color palette out there. It also tends to be a particularly good pick for rustic homes. Benjamin Moore’s Beacon Hill Damask is a great choice that mirrors this look perfectly. 

5. Brilliant Royal Blue

Source: Avente Tile

Are you looking for a classic way to add a level of opulence to your home? Then take a look at royal blues. Royal blues offer a contrast that brings an old world touch of glamour to your home without walking too far away from tradition. In other words, it’s gorgeous and works to help bring the pop you need to your house.

The important thing to recognize is that you need a blue that’s deep and has fully cool undertones for this to work. We suggest using something along the lines of Benjamin Moore’s Starry Night Blue. It’s rich enough to stand up to the terracotta and also give you the luxurious indigo undertones people adore.

Saltillo tiles don’t have to be boring—and neither does your paint.

Saltillo tiling is a classic choice that’s often pigeonholed into a color scheme that’s based on white. However, you don’t have to follow the majority of designers to get a great look to your home. A little bit of color can go far, especially when you’re looking to pair it with the gorgeous hues that saltillo offers.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to our suggestions if you don’t want to. Saltillo is remarkably versatile, so don’t be afraid to experiment as you see fit. Red, green, blue…even purple can make your room look complete. It all depends on your style and your imagination.

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